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Treat Yo' Self (but only in very small quantities)

Thursday, March 31

So, we have this coat closet in the middle of our main floor. And, I mean, it’s not the most impressive closet you ever did see. But it's functional. And it doesn’t really bother me. The doors are pretty low quality, meaning this update is KINDOF like putting lipstick on a pig. But I still love it.

We were in Boston late last week and popped into Anthropologie. I'd been eyeing these stunning marble and wood knobs for a few months, but the quality can be so hit-or-miss that I wasn't sure about ordering them sight unseen. Plus, the shipping costs were basically half the price of the knobs. Ridic. So when I spotted them in store and the quality seemed decent, I obviously had to buy them. 

We installed them as soon as we got home and I'm happy to report that I’m obsessed. Fully obsessed.

They weren’t cheap, but they also weren’t crazy expensive. And when you only need two, you can justify going with something a little jazzier than normal. AND THEY’RE JUST SO PRETTY.

(I also have plans to paint the closet doors and cover the exterior of the closet and the entire stairwell/downstairs hallway in shiplap, which should fancify this closet even further).

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