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Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a RUG!

Sunday, October 30

Do you remember what our foyer looked like back before we started working on it? No? Take a look. Go on, I’ll wait.

AWFUL. Things improved dramatically when we removed the wallpaper, painted the doors, painted the walls, painted the trim, and installed a new light fixture. But friends… things got SO much better! Check it out:

We got a vintage kilim!!! We’ve been talking about getting one for literally TWO YEARS. And we finally pulled the trigger a few months ago.

This baby is from Turkey and approximately 40 years old. I love the bright fun pattern (which conveniently hides dirt) and the durability of the wool. It’s just such a fun pop when you enter the house and makes me smile every time I come in. The beag doesn't hurt either, haha.

I still want to get a little shelf or pocket for below the mirror (for mail/keys, etc.) and probably replace the switch plate but otherwise we're pretty close to done for now! And now I think I'll end on this before & after shot because WHAT. I can't believe we tolerated that dang foyer for so long.