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As If We Weren't Going To Take Cheesy Holiday Photos...

Monday, November 21

I’ve been looking forward to taking cheesy Christmas card family photos with Ralphie basically since we got him in May. I expected some resistance from my husband, but he, shockingly, was as on board as I was (Ralphie, not so much). So when the opportunity came up to work with Minted again – it seemed like a perfect fit. 

My love for Minted is hardly a secret (see here and here) and our holiday cards each year always get such a favorable reaction– especially when we opt for the foil-pressed ones (see our 2015, 2014, and 2013 holiday cards). It’s an awesome way to reflect on the years that have passed (I’ve kept one of each card we’ve sent) and they make amazing keepsakes. Andrew’s grandmother actually framed one of the ones we've sent, which makes my heart all kinds of happy!

This year, we opted for a super modern aesthetic by artist Grace Cobb. Given that we had a pretty significant year (marriage, puppy, honeymoon in Hawaii), we decided to use one of their backing options (which we usually leave blank) to share a few additional photos of our year so far. I love the way they turned out and I can’t wait to send them off to our family and friends.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Minted, they’re a design marketplace featuring artists from all over the world. The quality is amazing, the designs are beautiful, and the process is seamless. In addition to buying business cards, art for our house, and art for my clients, we also got the Thank You cards for our wedding from Minted, as well as used their wedding website service for our guests to RSVP/learn a little about the event, the wedding party, and us! If you haven’t checked them out before, they’re well worth a browse – I promise!

This review was written in exchange for holiday cards provided by Minted. All opinions and decisions are my own and reflect my genuine ADORATION of this company and their products. No lie.

Junebug Weddings

Monday, November 7

In case you somehow missed my obnoxious sharing on every possible form of social media... our wedding was featured over on Junebug Weddings this past weekend! Check it out here.