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Oh, hi. I'm Vanessa. It's nice to meet you.

I'm full-on obsessed with design and this blog chronicles our lifelong love affair.

I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Home of sailboats, seafood, salty ocean breezes, and super nice people. 

The Shimmer details my attempts to bring our heritage home into the here-and-now. My style is super eclectic, mixing industrial with vintage, modern with traditional, and adding a dash of whimsy wherever the husband will let me.

Other things you might want to know if we're going to make this a long-term thing:

I have a penchant for paper goods and penmanship. I adore Apple products. I eat far too quickly, like I'm in a race for survival. I would gold-plate myself, if I could. I like lipstick; the bolder, the better. I'm very proud of the fact that I now drink my coffee black. I like movies with happy endings and tv shows with disturbing plot lines. I only like to use black Muji pens. My taste in music includes basically everything but death metal or whiny indie. My nails are almost always painted. I spent the first 28 years of my life believing that I hated mushrooms, only to realize that I had never actually tried them. So I tried them. And loved them. The oxford comma is very important to me. And although I'm a grammar-aficionado, I sometimes speak in sentence fragments. For effect. Sorry. (Not really.)

I'm so glad you stopped by. Feel free to stay awhile.

If you'd like to discuss how we can work together, or if you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me at:


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  1. Vanessa - thanks for swinging by my blog and I'm SO GLAD I found you in return! I would absolutely love to hear about your transition out of grad school. I'm in a similar situation in that I'm not sure if I should finish my PhD or not, although I do love what I do. The job market has completely tanked however - so badly that colleagues are considering leaving the country to find jobs - and I'm just not sure if it makes sense to continue anymore. Honestly, what is stopping me from quitting is pride, and the fact that my identity has been tied up in school for so long. Anyway, just rambling now but I'd love to hear more of your story!

    1. Hi Bonnie - Thanks so much for your comment (and for stopping by!) I'll send you an email shortly, so we can chat - I have loads of opinions, advice, and questions that I thought about before I made my decision.


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