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The New Nautical

Friday, January 18

I've noticed this colour scheme popping up all over the place lately and personally, I just can't get enough. In my head, I've termed it the new nautical - but I doubt that's the official term, haha. Something about the combination of crisp white, weathered wood, and navy blue or grey screams the ocean to me. Or whispers it gently on a breeze... :P It makes me think of a cottage on a bluff, overlooking crashing waves. Otherwise known as perfection.

As much as growing up on the ocean has given me an appreciation for all things nautical - I'm kindof anti-theme when it comes to design, even for kids' rooms. I think they date quickly and then you're left with this room that's so specific, it's hard to figure out how it can evolve with you and your lifestyle. That's what makes this combo so perfect - it's the best kind of nautical - crisp and fresh but still subtle. Not a sailboat painting or old anchor in sight. Although, if you had a vintage anchor you wanted to gift me, I wouldn't say no....
By Catherine Kwong Design
From Colin & Justin, via decor happy
From Colin & Justin, via decor happy
Via Madrid Apartments (As far as I can tell...)
via Style at Home
Via Casa Sugar
Via Lonny Magazine
By Jill Unger, via Quadrille Fabrics
By Lisa Sherry Interieurs
Via Southern Living
Via Oomph Online

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