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Friday, May 31



As if Emily wasn't already one of my favourite designers (and personalities), she goes and does this. Just the loveliest.

Rachel looks super cute in another pattern-mixing outfit - camo, leopard, chambray, and those ubiquitous studded Valentinos.

This colour orange seriously makes people look radient. All over this outfit.

Loving this whole outfit on fellow Canadian blogger, Stephanie - especially that hat. May need one this summer.

And lastly, Beer-Garitas from Amber. #imean


Minkoffs at Starbucks. These bags are everywhere. Totally the 2013 version of the Coach wristlet/LV Speedy/Roots monogram leather (REMEMBER THOSE?!).
 A smoothie from Pete's. So so good.
 And a sneak peek of a little something I'm working on.... 

And with that, I am off to Prince Edward Island for the weekend. It's supposed to be sunny and gorgeous! Fingers crossed it stays that way ;) 

Find Yourself Out East

Thursday, May 30

Oh, I love this city of mine. Come visit us. #Halifax

Mixed and Matched and Moody

Wednesday, May 29

FYI: For some reason the photos in this post are distorted on the mobile version. If you're on your phone, scroll to the bottom of the page and click "View web version" to see the post as it was intended. Sorry about that! And now back to our regularly scheduled post...

In keeping with yesterday's pattern-mixing style post, I thought I'd share some of my favourite pattern-mixing interiors. Even more so than with an outfit, mixing patterns in interiors adds layers of depth and interest to a room. When done right, I think pattern-mixing is almost essential to decorating.

A moody pattern-mixing dining room I designed:
Moody Pattern Mixing Dining Room
  1. Jewel-toned floral drapes, paired with my favourite bamboo blinds.
  2. Industrial meets modern sideboard.
  3. Glitzy chandelier from Attica.
  4. Gorgeous moody painting by David Lloyd, for above the sideboard.
  5. Intricate floor lamp from Attica.
  6. Anthropologie chairs for the head and foot of the table, upholstered in a rich navy fabric.
  7. Lucite IKEA chairs on either side of the table.
  8. Rustic meets modern dining table.
  9. And a lively gold and cream polka-dot rug.
Image Sources: NYTimes, Elements of Style (Original Source Unknown), Eddie Ross, Design Sponge, Tommy Smythe, Michelle Adams, Catherine Kwong, Lily, Clairborne Swanson Frank via Simply Smitten Blog, Decor8.

Mix and Match

Tuesday, May 28

How fierce do these pattern-mixing ladies look? I am all over this trend. It can look so sophisticated when done right. Particularly skilled at the mix and match are:

Blair of Atlantic-Pacific:

Kristin of Suburban Faux-Pas:

Stephanie of Stephanie Sterjovski:

Rachel of Pink Peonies and Jessie of Fashion Salade:

Bethany of B-Soup (who is definitely the most fearless):

And of course, the master - J. Crew.

Feeling nervous about pulling it off yourself? Try balancing the scales of your patterns (e.g., large pattern with a small pattern, stripe with a floral, etc.) or keeping to a common colour palette (e.g., navy stripe with a navy polka-dot). Stripes can go with pretty much anything, although you want to be extra careful if you pair them with a plaid. As for leopard print, I may be biased, but I think it's the most versatile of the bunch!

(A few of my pattern-mixing attempts of late.)

Eye (Phone) Candy

Monday, May 27

So I was furniture shopping with my mom this past weekend (for a project that I'll be sharing soon!) and I was absolutely blown away by the stuff at Gallery One.

Prior to this year, I hadn't been in Gallery One... pretty much ever. I just lumped it in with all of the other generic big box furniture stores, like The Brick or Leon's. Not exactly my style. But, YOU GUYS. It's awesome. Modern and fresh. Not at all the big clunky furniture that so many Maritime furniture stores seem to carry. I loved it. As such, I figured I would do a little Eye (Phone) Candy post, so you can see what I mean. It's not exactly a store for bargain hunters, but if you've got a bit of a budget to work with, it's definitely worth a look.

It's probably a good thing I don't have a house to decorate right now... My wallet would have a nervous breakdown in this place... but oh, would my eyes be happy.

Not sponsored; I really did just love it.