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Friday, February 28

watching team canada dominate in the gold medal game at 8am sunday morning / #fromwhereistand in a jcrew sweatshirt dress
as a matter of fact, i did wear white jeans in february #cantbetamed / fun little surprise from para paints! now, what to paint...


Awesome list of stuff to purge. I've been feeling the urge lately.

I used to be a major One Tree Hill fan... Brooke was my fave and actress Sophia Bush's house tour does not disappoint.

These adorable photos have made the rounds this week but in case you haven't seen them yet - a 4-year-old nicknamed Mayhem makes cooler clothes than you could ever hope to.

This powder room by my fave, Amber Lewis, is so good. So SO good.

Absolutely loving the direction Dana's bedroom is heading. Well, her whole house, really.

Five I Fancy

Thursday, February 27

I discovered Brittany Bass through Jen's blog last week (who I also have to thank for my newest iMac background), and I've become obsessed with her little abstract wonders.

Check out Five I Fancy by Brittany Bass:

Meredith [From $34.14 CAD]

Warm Geos [From $34.14 CAD]

Moss Growth IV [From $22.76 CAD]

Navy Geo [$22.76 CAD]

John 4 [From $34.14 CAD]

Operation Office: The Desk

Wednesday, February 26

You guys, I’m in love. With a piece of wood. Multiple pieces, actually. Antique wood. This beauty:
Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! I’ve been intermittently stalking Kijiji for the past few months (which is the least efficient way to find something on there, BTW), looking for a vintage wooden table with loads of character. I almost pulled the trigger on several other tables but nothing felt quite right. When I stumbled on this gem, I was SO glad I waited!
It has this lovely scalloped detail on the base, plenty of room for both of our computers on top and both of our feet underneath, and I love the colour of the wood. So warm in this room full of cool tones. It's a little scratched up in places but personally, I kinda like the charm of it.
We still need to figure out how to deal with lighting/layout of the desk, as our existing task lamp is looking a little awkward with my massive iMac… and also figure out chairs, rug, curtains, bookcase, and overhead lighting… but PROGRESS! Such beautiful beautiful progress!

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Post-Slopes Pretty

Tuesday, February 25

Although not in keeping with my usual design aesthetic, I had to share a few shots of the ski chalet we stayed at in Maine.
It was the perfect place to cozy up after a day on the slopes.
 Vintage skis
 Prime seats for supper-prep-spectating.
 Prime Olympic-watching position.
 Distressed leather and vintagey rug.
 After much debate, we determined that these antlers are, in fact, faux.
 These chairs were so cool but made everyone feel like dwarves.
Cozy quilts and wooden bed frames. 
 Ski propaganda. 
 The site of many evening activities.
 The most authentic place to sit when removing ski boots.
And lastly, the view from our hot tub. 
It was a rough week ;)

Just Another Mood Board Monday...

Monday, February 24

Soft Corners, Hard Lines

Click on image for individual sources.


Friday, February 21

Given that I've been away all week,  Links to Love will have to wait, as I didn't have much time for internetting. Here's a peek at what I've been up to:
Can you guess where I've been?

Five I Fancy

Thursday, February 20

To be honest, I have absolutely no idea how I stumbled upon Kentucky-based Patent Prints but I'm so glad I did. They create poster-sized versions of the patents for just about anything you can imagine. My favourites are the ones they do on chalkboard paper, like below.

Here are five I fancy, by Patent Prints:

Assortment of Art

Wednesday, February 19

I've had a stack of art to be framed for ages. Most of it is for the gallery wall I want to build in our bedroom. I was worried about some of the pieces getting bent, so I finally set out to get it all framed - even if hanging the gallery wall isn't my focus just yet. (Operation Office, full steam ahead!) I still have a few more pieces to add in, but here's a sneak peek of what it's looking like so far:
P.S. Ever wonder how to put together a gallery wall? Everyone has a slightly different technique, but here's what I prefer:
I use graph paper to cut out mini versions (to scale) of each of the pieces I want to use (one square = one inch), label them (or draw mini pictures if you're especially talented!) and arrange them on a blank sheet of paper until I like the layout! Super simple and much less hassle than trial and error with hammers and nails. Of course, you have to use your imagination when it comes to balancing colours and visual weight - but overall a pretty simple process!

Ski, please.

Tuesday, February 18

All of this skiing makes me want to buy cute ski clothes. So, naturally, I had to put together a little virtual ensemble. Maybe if I decide I actually like skiing (and not just drinking hot chocolate and baileys by the fire), I'll be able to justify a few new additions to my ski wardrobe ;)

Ski, Please

Just Another Mood Board Monday...

Monday, February 17

A little hint about what I'm up to this week...
Ski Chalet

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Friday, February 14

This week has been NUTS. This is literally the last photo I took on my camera. LAST Saturday.

In other news...


DIY minimalist dining table. It's gorgeous.

Oh yeah, and Happy Love Day, Lovers ;)

Five I Fancy

Thursday, February 13

It's no secret that I love a good spooky photograph and Montreal-based Irene Suchocki of Eye Poetry Photography does those in spades. She also has plenty of light fluffy happy photographs, if you're into that sort of thing ;)

Here are five I fancy by Eye Poetry Photography.

Operation Office: 3/4

Wednesday, February 12

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some colour deliberations happening on Saturday morning. After driving the boyfriend insane constantly changing my mind from one light grey to a nearly identical light grey to another nearly identical light grey, I finally settled on a colour for the remaining three walls in the office: Ben Moore's 'Sweet Innocence'. Hysterical name, I know.
We got to work on Sunday and two coats later, this is what the office is looking like:
I really like it, although I have to admit that it turned out a little more blue than I anticipated. I normally paint test swatches before choosing a paint colour but I was feeling super impatient on the weekend and just wanted to get started - thus, the blueish tint. Luckily, it only looks blue in certain lights and is clearly grey in others (like below).
Side by side with the chalkboard wall, it looks like this:
I've always been a cool-toned grey-over-beige kinda girl, so I was super excited to see how this room would play out once painted. It still feels nice and bright in this room, which was our most important consideration. As I mentioned here, this is the brightest room in the house and we didn't want to risk painting it too dark.
Here are a few little before-and-afters for you to show just what a different feel this room has now.
Now that the base is in place, we just need to layer in a few key pieces and this room is going to be so transformed!
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Throw Down

Tuesday, February 11

It's here! It's finally here!
I've been coveting the gorgeous wool blankets from MacAusland's, a woollen mill in Bloomfield PEI, for a while now and I thought a throw (or a "lap robe", as they call it) would be the perfect addition to our living room. Lucky for me, my parents are pretty in tune with my wishes and bought us one for Christmas! They were on back order for some time but it finally arrived last week.
This blanket is AMAZING. The colour is gorgeous. The craftsmanship is insane. And the wool is SO warm, which is always a treat in a drafty historical home. Plus, it's nice to be able to support an Atlantic Canadian company!
When not in use, I've been folding it over the back of the couch, which I think adds a nice finishing touch to the space.

P.S. The blanket is not actually 2 different shades of grey, haha. Silly me took photos at 2 times of day.