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Christmas Treats

Monday, December 30

Ever since this happened, we've called pretty much every new purchase or gift a "treat". Today, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite abode-related Christmas treats!
My sister is a fantastic painter and I've had a long-standing request in for her to paint something for me... and this year, I must have been an EXTRA good sister because she painted me this gorgeous (AND sentimental. AND perfectly suited to our living room) piece for Christmas. The dog on the left is our childhood dog, Captain, and I full-on burst into tears when I saw it. One of the best gifts I've ever received. We hung it next to the fireplace in our living room and it's absolutely PERFECT.
This amazing ceramic globe was a gift from the boyfriend. We spotted these beauties by artist Karolina-Anna Hajna at Argyle Fine Art during Nocturne and totally fell in love with them. In the months since, they'd slipped out of my mind so it was a complete shock (accompanied by many squeals) to find it under the tree! You can slip a (faux) candle inside to cast really pretty shadows on the wall.
The people in my life know my taste pretty dang well. I received TWO sets of gorgeous glassware! Bubbly champagne flutes and classic cocktail coupes. They're going to make such an amazing addition to our liquor locker.
And lastly, although it hasn't arrived yet, my parents gave us one of these gorgeous wool throws from MacAusland's that's  going to look SO perfect on the back of the couch.

Although these "treats" are fantastic, at the end of the day, they're just stuff. And although I love to blog about stuff, what I enjoyed most about the holidays was the chance to spend time with the people I love. (And food. LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD.) I hope you got the chance to do the same!


Tuesday, December 24

I'm taking a few days off to soak up time with family and friends. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I hope you get to spend some time with the people you love.

I'll be back on Monday!

O Christmas Tree

Monday, December 23

This year is our first joint Christmas tree. I grew up in a house with a really elegant Christmas tree. All white lights. Coordinated gold ornaments. With just a few mismatched sentimental ornaments that always seemed to get moved to the back ;) And I LOVED it. No exaggeration. I know that many people are all about the coloured lights and handmade ornaments - and I may be too when there are kids around - but for now? I love a beautifully put-together tree. 
We combined our ornament stashes and once we'd pulled together all of our favourites and looked at the fillers we had on hand, it was immediately apparent to me that this year called for an earth-toned tree with a little sparkle. Gold, silver, greens, and browns. 
So I present to you our sparkly earthy star-filled tree:
In the spirit of being real-life honest, I must confess that the tree no longer looks quite as luminescent... Approximately half of the lights on the tree burnt out. And taking them off the tree and replacing them with new lights (which I'd have to go out and buy) just seems like too much work for vacation. Soooo, it's staying as is. Real life, you guys. No pretending here.


Friday, December 20



That’s it. I need a sewing machine. How AWESOME are these fabric gift envelopes?!

As much as I love a traditional Christmas tree, I’m now totally tempted to try something out of the box next year, like this gorgeous tree Jane shared.

I’m all about layered rugs (as I shared here, here, and here), and I adore they way Caitlin andAlicia styled these ones.

Perfect holiday attire (iiiif you don’t live in Canada) from Jules. Forest green blazer and red lips? The classiest way to do Christmas colours.


We took a trip to Clay Café for a coworker’s goodbye party. I forgot how much fun that place is! Totally want to go back.
Halifax is getting hit HARD by winter this year. Most often, we get more rain than snow and it’s rarely very cold before Christmas. Not so this year. I’m actually loving the change… but maybe that’s because I don’t have to drive to work anymore…
Enjoy your weekend, friends! Happy Holidays!

Fun and Funky

Thursday, December 19

I thought I'd pop in today with a little mood board. To be honest, I've always got a handful of these that I haven't shared - I'm constantly creating new boards. I think making mood boards might just be my favourite way to relax.

Fun and Funky
Click on the mood board for individual sources.

Pretty Parcels

Wednesday, December 18

I LOVE to wrap gifts. Every year, my mom and I wrap gifts at one of the malls for charity, and it's one of my favourite traditions. So, it goes without saying that I put a lot of thought into how I wrap my own gifts. Just after Christmas last year, I picked up a few rolls of paper on sale at HomeSense. (FYI - HomeSense is an AMAZING place to pick up cute gift wrap at reasonable prices.) A gold faux-bois print, a red and gold snakeskin print, and a green stripe. 
I supplemented the paper with some 70% off ribbon from Michael's. (Do they ever actually sell anything at full price? I think the "sales" are pretend...)
And then I topped each gift with a little monogram tag I made using leftover card stock from my business card DIY a few months back. I'm super happy with the way they turned out - what do you think?

Classy Casual

Tuesday, December 17

A little outfit I wore to a "classy casual" holiday party on the weekend. I got to bust out my favourite Coach clutch (from years ago) and my new Sutton necklace from Stella & Dot, so I was a happy girl.
Club Monaco pencil skirt (old) | Gap t-shirt (old) | Steve Madden flats (old) | Stella & Dot Sutton necklace | Stella & Dot Kismet bracelet | Stella & Dot Essential Ball studs (discontinued) | Coach clutch (old) | Versace glasses | Essie 'Fifth Avenue' nail polish

Linking up to Lauren's Style Sessions

Living Room Progress

Monday, December 16

In addition to a new couch, we've made a few other updates to our living room since the last time I shared it on the blog! This, of course, is the holiday version of our living room... we had to remove a side table and lamp to fit the tree and I completely forgot to take photos beforehand. So here's our living room as it now stands:
It's warm and cozy. Definitely our favourite place to spend time. In addition to our new couch, we've added a vintage chest that belonged to the boyfriend's grandmother, which serves as our media stand. We have plans to get a slightly larger TV and wall mount it above the chest - sometime in the next month or two. When that happens, I'll take the two speakers (boys and their insistence on sound quality!) off their stands, and I'm hoping the more low-profile look will help them blend in.
We also rehung the curtains (initially shared here) higher and wider, using this modern rod. Hanging the curtains so wide allows us to open the patio doors without pushing the curtains to the centre of the rod (not an attractive look); plus, they allow more light to come into the room. It's not the brightest room naturally, so we didn't want to block any of the light that may decide to join us.
We also added a bit of greenery, like the fiddle leaf fig (in a Target basket) and the pothos, which sits on top of the liquor locker (next photo).
I'm on the hunt for a modern slim floor lamp for this corner by the liquor locker. It needs a light and there's not a ton of pass-through space between the couch and the locker. We considered some sort of sconce, but I think the area might need the weight of a floor lamp and it needs to be streamlined. I'm thinking this one from Structube (which opens in Dartmouth soon!) may fit the bill perfectly. It's attractive, slim, and low cost. We shall see.
In the corner where the tree now lives, we usually have an industrial side table and a modern geometric lamp, both leftover from my previous abodes. We had to move them out to make room for the tree, so I'll share the room again post-holidays. We also moved this art in from the dining room. It's not a forever piece (and ideally, I'd like something portrait-oriented) but I think it gives this corner of the room some nice weight for now.
Other than getting a few more pillows and a new throw for the couch (and possibly painting...), the other main change we have yet to make in this room deals with this bannister. It's a bit too traditional for our tastes and we've been weighing what we should put here instead. I think we're leaning towards a built-in bookcase - maybe something like this, but that may take some time to execute.
And there you have it - our living room! We still have a few projects left to complete, but I'm so happy with how far it's come!


Friday, December 13


I know, I know. It's Miley. I'm sorry. I just really love this cover of Jolene. Give it a chance?



I'm not a sneaker (or tennis shoes, whatever) girl either. But this look is super cute.

Toasted Marshmallow Cream Hot Chocolate. Yes, you read that right.

Meg shared these gorgeous paintings by Bradley Wood and I'm in LOVE.

And Erin shared this shocking reno - can you even believe the difference?


Spotted this adorable rug (which I'd use as a wall hanging) at new mid-century modern shop Abode Boutique (on Granville).
Met friends for drinks at The Auction House, a new restaurant downtown. Loved the millwork and lighting.
A little crustacean friend spotted on the waterfront during a Bishop's Cellar run.
And a few treats arrived!
Have a fantastic (and FRIGID if you're anywhere local) weekend, friends!

The Gent Gift Guide

Thursday, December 12

And the very last of my gift guides (I promise!) is the Gent Gift Guide. Whether it's your dad, brother, or significant other (a rhyme!), one of these treats is sure to please.

The Gent Gift Guide
Open Road Photograph | Eye Poetry Photography | $32.81 CAD
Sydney Hale Co. Double Wick Soy Candles | Kaufmann Mercantile | $34.49 USD
Beer Making Kit | Indigo | $49.50 CAD 
Chrome Tanned Leather iPad Case | Kaufmann Mercantile | $109.32 CAD
Tru Nord Compass | Best Made Co. | $36 USD
Wool Lumberlander Scarf | Best Made Co. | $84 USD
Compact Shaving Set | The Art of Shaving | $205 USD
Quick Release Brass Key Ring | Kaufmann Mercantile | $4.85 CAD
Olive Wood Board | Indigo | $25.88 CAD
Driftwood iPad Dock | Anthropologie | $98 USD
Fitbit Flex | Indigo | $99.95 CAD
The Drunken Botanist | Indigo | $24.95 CAD
Moscow Mule Copper Mug | West Elm | $10.05 CAD

Recreate the Room

Wednesday, December 11

Let's make this pretty bedroom (by the uber talented Emily Henderson) into a living room, shall we?

Recreate the Room
Similar textures. Similar colours, patterns, and finishes. Totally different room.
What do you think?

Click on mood board for individual sources.

Change of Plans

Tuesday, December 10

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I finally picked up this rug. I've wanted it for ages, as evidenced by this post. My plan was to put it in our office, which at present looks more like a storage unit than an office. Thus, the reason I had yet to purchase it. 
Photo is filtered, so colour is a little off.
But Target had it on sale last week and I couldn't resist. So I brought it home and showed it to the boyfriend.
He loved it. Wanted to roll it out right away so we could see what it was like. So we put it in the dining room, where there was space.
And we loved it. So now it lives in the dining room. 
And I'm back to square one on the office.
That is not a bad problem to have ;)

Please hold

Monday, December 9

Imma let Mariah & Jimmy sit this one in for me while I recuperate from the weekend.
Have a fab Monday, friends!


Friday, December 6


Courtesy of the ever lovely @vdewolfe


I've been on a brussel sprouts kick lately. Made this (AMAZING) salad and itching to try this Maple Bacon Brussels, Pear, & Blue Cheese Salad, as well as this Cheesy Brussels Lasagna

Also, I'm totally making this cheeseball at Christmas. It has EVERYTHING I love.

Simple and elegant Christmas decor from Jo.

I've been on a gift guide rampage lately, as you may have noticed... but I'm not the only one! Loving the gift guides shared by Thalita, Gaby, Brittany, and Jane.

All about these super ladylike looks from Krystin and Rachel.

Jessica made these totally awesome metallic mason jars. And now I want to too.


That amazing salad I mentioned above. You should probably make it.
(It has bacon in it, if that helps...)
 Checked out Stillwell, a new watering hole. Enjoyed it. Also: hibiscus beer.
Had dinner at our friends' place. They made this insane shrimp scampi. SO good.
And how cool is that pasta?!
 And celebrated Stevemas, our annual friendship holiday party, in my finest festive attire.
Hope everyone has a wonderful and festive weekend! I think we're going to put our tree up...
So excited!

The Juvenile Gift Guide

Thursday, December 5

Today’s gift guide is all about the kiddos. Whether 5 months or 5 years, I try to find gifts that will stimulate imagination and creativity. Here are a few of my fave finds this year:

The Juvenile Gift Guide
Jellycat Woodland Bunny | Indigo | $20 CAD
Pippi Longstocking | Anthropologie | $7.99 USD
Chalkboard Laptop | Anthropologie | $68 USD
Doodles At Lunch Placemats | Anthropologie | $10.99 USD
Alphabet Wood Block Set | Anthropologie | $70 USD
Victorian Whale Bookends | Anthropologie | $68 USD
Make Your Own Computer Kit | Kano | Technically, this is a kickstarter campaign - but it was successful! So, maybe next Christmas?
Penelope the Lunchbox | Lulie Wallace | $22.50 USD
GoldieBlox kit | Indigo | $34.95 CAD
Candied Letter Desk Clip | Anthropologie | $14 USD

The Lady Gift Guide: Moms

Wednesday, December 4

I’m baaaaack with the final installment of The Lady Gift Guide. This time, it’s for the mamas out there. Those elegant ladies of discerning taste and endless sophistication. (And possessors of the perfect lasagna recipe.) 
The Lady Gift Guide: Mamas
Pajama Set | J. Crew | $95.50 USD
1556 Side Trip Painting | Lisa Daria | Sold (but a new painting is available every day)
Exotic Jacquard Scarf | Banana Republic | $74 CAD
Frame Easel Stand | Chapters | $51.50 CAD
Envelope Wallet Saffiano | Roots | $98 CAD
Verdant Storage Bin | Anthropologie | $28 USD
Mandu Lapis Pillow | Furbish | $150 USD
Good Morning Beautiful Mug | Indigo | $10 CAD
Madison Small Kelsey Satchel | Coach | $228 USD
Odette Ring | Stella & Dot | $32 CAD
Twila Drop Earrings | Stella & Dot | $54 CAD
Crystal Ladder Candle Holders | Anthropologie | $24 - $32 USD


Tuesday, December 3

When I attended Blog Podium at the end of September, I had no idea what to expect décor-wise. I mean, every other conference I’ve attended has been academic in nature… so those details aren’t exactly the focus. Blog Podium, on the other hand, is a conference for design and lifestyle bloggers – people whose entire online existence is focused almost exclusively on details. And those details were NOT overlooked. The design for the conference was styled by Hoopla with gorgeous paper goods from Minted. Have you heard of Minted? I hadn’t, prior to the conference. But my brain pretty much exploded from all the Minted goodness while I was there. I saw Minted business cards, Minted decorations, Minted notebooks; the list goes on.

The idea behind Minted is pretty cool – it’s basically an artist collective. People can submit their designs (for greeting cards, business cards, wedding invitations, art prints, party supplies, etc.); the public votes for their favourites; and those designs then get sold! And unlike Etsy (which I still love – don’t get me wrong), where you have to sort through the junk to find the gems; everything on Minted is GORGEOUS. So, when they offered to send me a few holiday cards to try out this year, I couldn’t resist.

I think the hardest part was deciding which ones I wanted. They have an extensive collection of photo cards for those of you with adorable offspring, of the human or animal variety, as well as non-photo cards for those of us sans dependants. I eventually decided on this design by The Social Type: 
One aspect I really liked is that once you’ve selected your design, you can then personalize it by changing the colour scheme or the edging of the paper, choosing a flat card or a folded card, or by adding a fun pattern or other detail to the back of the card. 

You can also personalize your envelopes and add fun liners (including GLITTER). All in the name of choosing something that is totally you.

Plus, the card stock they use is nice and thick, making it feel super luxurious. (You know you're a paper nerd when you start describing it as luxurious...)
My order arrived CRAZY fast. I ordered them on Wednesday night and they arrived the following Tuesday… to Nova Scotia… from California… through Customs. Pretty impressive. And the packaging was adorable:
I’m so excited to send these cards out this week! And you know I bought Prince George stamps just for the occasion ;)
P.S. Minted sent me these cards to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I would never review or share anything that wasn’t consistent with my own personal taste/values or a good fit for this blog. Besides, my love for paper goods is no secret…