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Thursday, November 20

I was lucky enough to be in Toronto this past weekend to help one of my best girls get her matrimony on. The celebrations were held at the Hockey Hall of Fame, which is an amazingly beautiful building (and so Canadian, right?!). I thought I'd share a few details I managed to capture of the weekend, in the midst of the epic love fest. After all, it's not every day you see a babe in a bridal gown playing goalie... 

A little sparkle...

Monday, November 10

Hey friendos. Popping in with a super quick post today to share quite literally the easiest project in the history of ever. Inspired by this photo from Kira's Instagram, I picked up two strings of super delicate lights from Chapters and stuck them inside two oversized mason jars I bought at Value Village a few years back. That's it.

Super simple and super pretty. Festive enough for this time of year without going overboard with holiday-themed decor in early November. Instead of using regular mason jars, you could also use mercury glass jars, like the gorgeous gold and silver ones Target has right now. The light would peek through the holes in the paint beautifully!


Thursday, November 6

So, it’s obviously still far from done. (That window situation. Oy.) BUT, definite progress has been made on the bedroom.

First up, a new duvet! I didn’t intend to get a new duvet, but I’ve had my eye on this Ikea one for ages… and I was feeling a bit impulsive when I was there last month… so I finally got it. It may be a bit feminine for the boyfriend but I think he’s accepted that the fate of this room will be more lady-friendly than the rest of the house.

Then, I moved the lamps that used to be upstairs down here. The old lamps were a bit too modern for my personal taste. Everything was a bit too modern, to be honest. I like a nice mix of different eras or it can feel too theme-y or too catalogue-y. I originally bought these lamps for my old bedroom, so I’m pumped at how great they look in this one. The room already feels so much brighter and more layered.

So, not a ton of changes, but still progress... Those sheets are going to go - they're wayyyy too scratchy. And I have a million other plans as well - you can see everything I'm thinking for this room here

Dine By Design East 2014

Monday, November 3

This past weekend, I popped by to view the insanely gorgeous rooms at Dine by Design East. For those of you not familiar with the concept - basically 10 designers design 10 dining rooms and partner with 10 local chefs for a big gala, all benefiting a scholarship fund for NSCAD. In addition to the gala, there are several other events and you can also pop by the following weekend to view all the spaces. I volunteered last year (you can check out my recap here, if you're interested), and although I didn't have time to help out this year, there was no way I could miss checking out all of the rooms. I snapped a few photos of my favourites to show you some of the amazing design talent we have in this province!

First up is this insanely gorgeous room by Jonathan Legate. No exaggeration, I want this to be my dining room. The rug, the white brick, the art, the pottery, the doors. It's all perfect.

This makes me want to paint all of our doors black. Which, to be honest, I already wanted to do. But now I want to do it IMMEDIATELY.

Henhouse designed this cozy space - they used to have storefront in the Hydrostone and I had no idea that they did all of this custom cabinetry! Dying over those stools.

Design360 knocked my socks off with this one. There were so many gorgeous details. From the mason jars with candles hanging from the ceiling to the planted rows of veggies under the table, to the corrugated cardboard table and benches...


The lovely Land Studio East and Herringbone Design Studio tackled this sweet space. The wood block wall was a stunner and that metal fish (which may or may not be made from beer cans?!) needs to be part of my future.

Attica, to no one's surprise, knocked it out of the park again with their pop art fantasticness. Did you catch the speech bubble on the left? Crying laughing. But, even better is the art installation to the right...

...WHICH IS A BURNT TOAST PICTURE OF MILEY CYRUS. Words that have likely never before occurred in the same sentence. INSANE. 

Janice Bates-Hawkins of Signature Design Resource created this incredibly elegant dining space. The perfect spot to sip a glass of champagne.

DH Design Inc. constructed this beachy glam oasis. Check out the mother of pearl floor! And that table needs to be part of my life.

Another angle. I'm obsessed with oversized mirrors these days. 

And last, but certainly not least, this colourful eclectic pad by Wave Interiors. The art, the wallpaper, that faux-cowhide chair with brass detailing, the Saarinen table. So much fun.

And there you have it, a few of my faves! One of these years, I'm determined to make it to the Gala itself - the food is supposed to be amazing. Until then, I feel pretty fortunate to live in a province with so much talent!