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Friday, November 29



Really fun Target (!) makeover by Erin and her team.
Super glam look from Rachel. I NEED that coat.
And on a more serious note, I'm Vexing Angry Bumbershoot. And yourself?


Attended the Festival of Trees last weekend - This one was my favourite!
 My fave Hell Bay (Liverpool-based) Craft brew during a mid-afternoon beer break.
 Gorgeous view during a hike last weekend.
 Super fun little bridge we crossed.
 And an exciting new development at our casa!!!
Have a fabulous weekend, friends!

The Lady Gift Guide: Art

Thursday, November 28

This latest instalment of The Lady Gift Guide focuses on art. Honestly, I have a hard time buying art for other people - I find it to be such a personal thing. But, that said - I think these picks would be a fantastic addition to just about anyone's home!

The Lady Gift Guide: Art
Clockwise from top left:
Grey Day Print | Kiki and Polly | $23.49 CAD
Blue and White Bowls Print | Flora Art Print Shop | $27.21 CAD
Clothed Figure Study 1 Print | David Lloyd | $21.77 CAD
Success Is Not Easy Print | The Everygirl | $30 USD
Thinker XXII Painting | Teil Duncan | $275 USD
Fall Print | Clare Elsaesser | $27.21 CAD
Frida Print | Calamari Studio | $14.69 CAD
Watch With Glittering Eyes Print | Rach Illustrates | $29.55 CAD
CHS Landscape #1 Painting | Lulie Wallace | $350 USD
The Little Chapel That Stood Photograph | Eye Poetry Photography | $26.12 CAD
Miniature Schnauzer Print | David Lloyd | $15.24 CAD

The Lady Gift Guide: Decor

Wednesday, November 27

I'm back with instalment #2 of The Lady Gift Guide. This time it's all about decor. Those home items that are classy and quirky and infinitely memorable. Perfect for gift giving.

The Lady Gift Guide: Decor
Le Creuset Pink Rustic Mug | Indigo | $16 CAD
Rectangular Acacia Board | Indigo | $39.50 CAD
Marquee Letter Hook | Anthropologie | $18 CAD
Peter Dunham "Sheba" Pillow | Shoppe | $185 USD
Mirrored Round Clock | West Elm | $119 USD
Bubbly Gold Champagne Flutes | Indigo | $34.50 CAD
Nova Scotia Fisherman Soap | Dots & Loops | $8 CAD
Threshold 4x6 Frame | Target | $12.99 USD
Twilight Serving Spoons | Anthropologie | $28 CAD
Antler Bottle Opener | Indigo | $14.50 CAD
Celestial Coaster Set | Anthropologie | $32 CAD

The Lady Gift Guide: Attire

Tuesday, November 26

I suppose I should make note that the lady in The Lady Gift Guide is me. As in, these are all on my wish list right now - but would make an awesome gift for any lucky lady in your life! Here are a few of my picks for wearable holiday gifts.

The Lady Gift Guide - Attire

Audra Cashmere Leather Sweater | Club Monaco | $269 CAD
Betty Mittens | Indigo | $28 CAD
Ruched Snood | Indigo | $29.50 CAD
Janis Cashmere Hat | Club Monaco | $89.50 CAD
The Urbane Crossbody Bag | Coach | $268 CAD
Rebel Pendant | Stella & Dot | $84 CAD
Classic Tall Ugg Boot | SoftMoc | $285 CAD
Sutton Necklace | Stella & Dot | $138 CAD
Original Tall Hunter Boot | SoftMoc | $160 CAD


Monday, November 25

This is the first thing you see when you enter our house. A little space to sit and take off your shoes, a spot to hang your keys or bag, storage for hats/mitts/umbrellas, and a place to drop mail.
We love this little area - in addition to being super functional, it's also very sentimental. Both the chair and the needlepoint belonged to the boyfriend's grandmother and the mirror hung over my family's fireplace for years.
I love decorating with pieces that have meaning. If looking at something makes you happy or reminds you of a great memory - DO it. There's always a way to make things work.
Luckily for us, the family heirlooms we wanted to use were gorgeous in their own right, making our job much easier!
It's just a little corner of our home, but a very happy one.
Chair, Needlepoint, Mirror (Vintage) | Rug (Building #19) | Hooks (Homemade, gift) | Dresser (Vintage, refinished here) | Lamp (HomeSense) | Vase (Indigo) | Bowl (Anthropologie) | Mint Julep Cup (London Loft)


Friday, November 22


On a serious David Gray kick lately.


Could you live here? Or here? As cool as they are... I really don't think I could.
And there Amber goes again, somehow even making neutral look amazing and jazzy.
And Bailey shares a perfect preppy pattern-mixing guest bedroom.


Gallery wall planning for Project Bedroom.

My pretty city at sunset.

Bright & cheery fleurs from my soeur and ideas for a potential dining room gallery wall. 
Have a lovely weekend!

Breaking the Fast

Thursday, November 21

I'm a breakfast girl. I absolutely cannot understand people who don't eat breakfast. (HOW DO YOU EVEN FUNCTION?!) Yogurt, in particular. I actually can't remember a time when I haven't had yogurt for breakfast. It's been a staple for most of my life. Sometimes solo and sometimes with a little something extra added in, but always yogurt. This is how I've been eating my yogurt recently and I'm obsessed with it. Like, I want to make it for a snack right now as I'm writing about it. So, although it may seem obvious, I thought I'd shared the "recipe" in a post, in case you're looking for something new. 

Also, I wanted to photograph my pretty dishes.

My ingredients:
Greek Yogurt. This is President's Choice 0% with Honey. My friend, Diana, wrote a really great post about how to choose greek yogurt and all of the frauds out there - I highly recommend it. It turns out that the kind I'd been eating for months wasn't really greek yogurt at all - and thus, had none of the benefits! I know that PC brand and Liberte are both authentic, but you may want to check the ingredient list on your fave brand.
Blackberries. Feel free to substitute these for your berry of choice but blackberries are my fave.
All Bran Buds. I personally like the buds more than the little sticks (what are those actually called?) and this adds a really nice crunch.
Mulled Chia Seeds. Good for you. Good source of fibre. Pretty much flavourless.
And brown sugar. Which probably isn't necessary but is oh-so-delicious.

I basically just layer in the chia seeds, bran, berries, and sprinkle on some brown sugar. 
Then mix and enjoy. Really, instructions aren't needed. 
It's easy, filling (thanks to all the fibre), and delicious.

Operation Organization

Wednesday, November 20

Our spice cabinet used to be overwhelming. Like, 700 open bags of spices and multiple duplicates overwhelming. I mean, we had FOUR different containers of nutmeg and only one of us even likes nutmeg. Ridiculous. So I made it my mission this past weekend to sort through the mess of spices, get rid of anything past its prime, combine any multiples, and find a new storage solution that would work for both of us. I have to say, the whole process was surprisingly cathartic ;)

I don't have a proper before picture because I was too eager to get started, but here's how things looked after I purged about half of what we owned (picture spices stacked double height and crammed in every nook and cranny).
And here's where I ended up!
Visual sigh of relief. Also, finally a legitimate excuse to use adorable little mason jars. I've seen a few people do this with their spices and have always loved the way it looks. 
It was a fairly inexpensive task - a flat of 12 jars ran me less than $7. Then I just ran them through the dishwasher, loaded them up with spices, and used a white paint pen I had on hand to write the name of each spice on the lid. Easy!
I also considered chalkboard labels or craft paper labels, but in the end - a paint pen just seemed much easier and I really like the way they turned out.
On a related but much more unsuccessful note - I also picked up these containers at the dollar store to use for rice and grains in the cupboard. 
I thought it would be cute to use the Martha Stewart chalkboard paint I picked up ages ago (without any real purpose) to paint labels on the lids. 
False. Epic fail. Not impressed with your paint, Ms. Stewart. I let them cure for a full 48 hours but when I tried to write on the lid with a piece of chalk, the paint scratched right off. 
The label says it's appropriate for plastic but methinks not. Soooo a win with the spices and a loss with the rice. I'm calling it even.

The Uniform

Tuesday, November 19

Alas, it's that time of year. The time of year when I want to wear nothing but leggings, cozy sweaters, and big scarves because it's so dang miserable out. As I type this, we're getting a ridiculous rain/wind storm and I'm very glad to be inside and curled up by the fire. 

A few outfits that have been inspiring me lately:
The Uniform 1
Clockwise from Top Left: Source, Source, Source, Source, Source, Source
Seriously. This is pretty much all I've pinned of late.
The Uniform 2
Click on image for sources.

Project Bedroom

Monday, November 18

I've been brainstorming lately about what to do with our bedroom. Other rooms have been my focus until now (and in many ways, still are) and with the exception of a few little things here and there, the bedroom hasn't received much decor attention. Right now, it feels very separate. Lots of pieces but no cohesion. I want the room to feel layered, curated, and cozy - but still fresh. Not a simple request. I spent part of the weekend rounding up bedroom decor images, searching for inspiration... and I think I've found it!
My thoughts:
What do you think of my plans? 
Anyone else have a room that's stuck in a rut?

All images via my Pinterest boards. Click on images for original sources.


Friday, November 15


Does anyone else remember this song? I loved it so much as a kid.


The kind of parent I eventually want to be.
Hardcore in love with J&S's runner.


Such a fun box interior.
Pretty branding.
I can't claim credit for this one. Courtesy of the BF.
Have a great weekend!


Thursday, November 14

A few scenes around the house.