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Friday, March 29

In my head:


On my mind:

Even though the weather isn't remotely spring-like, I've started to crave lighter fare. Emily's salad options sound soooo good.
This lash technique looks very cool, but I wonder how natural it would look in person.
Basil Simple Syrup? (Basil ANYTHING). Sign me up!
Love love love this quotation from E. B. White.
So I guess I'm now planning a trip to Utah (sorry, Andrew) because obviously I need to stay here.
Black penny tile floors - it's like a dream!

In my line of sight:

A few sweet finds from Chapters. Did you know they have accessories now? LOVE.
I rarely wear heels, so these are my version of J. Crew's shiny ponies.
The upside of spring continuing to phone it in? MORE fur!
And more leopard print. (Obviously.)
And Easter nails FTW.
That's it for me! Enjoy your long weekend, friends!

Home Decor Hankering

Thursday, March 28

Last month, I shared my fashion wish list. This month, I thought I'd share my home decor wish list. I don't have much space of my own to decorate right now, so these will have to stay on my wish list for the time being (except for one teensy little purchase I made a few weeks ago - see below). Here's what's caught my eye:
Home Decor Wishlist

  1. Westbury Accent Lamp from Circa Lighting.
  2. Salvaged Oak Clock from Design Atelier Article.
  3. MacAusland's Blanket from Toast.
  4. Hey Girl Dishtowel from Dear Colleen.
  5. Colossal Golden Wishbone from Anthropologie.
  6. Striped Turkish Bathtowels from Bath Style.
  7. Gold Line Letterpress Coasters from Thimble Press.
  8. Turtle Shell Brass Tray from High Street Market & Gold Zag Tray from Up In The Air Somewhere.
  9. Mason Jar from Fishs Eddy.
  10. Raw Pyrite Hook from Anthropologie.
  11. Lila Stoneware Mug from Toast.
  12. Vintage Inspired Overdyed Rug from Overstock & Vintage Kilim Rug from Furbish.
  13. Salt and Pepper Cellars from Rae Dunn.
  14. Horse Photograph from Eye Poetry Photography, 'Let The Light In' Print by Tastes Orangey (of which I now own a smaller version), & Sailors and Sirens Letterpress Poster by Quaillane Press
  15. Redsmith Armchair from Anthropologie.
  16. Hans J. Wegner Wishbone Chair from Design Within Reach.
  17. Vintage Canada Dry Crate from Etsy.
  18. Mountain Pillow from Thief and Bandit (based in Halifax!)
  19. Linen and Neon Pink napkins from Smith Handmade (based in Toronto!)
  20. Traveler Coffee Table from Anthropologie.
Anyone else notice that this list is more than twice the size of my fashion wish list? I'm not sure why I'm surprised, haha.

Chesterfield Craze

Wednesday, March 27

Page from Domino: The Book of Decorating
There's something about a chesterfield that's just so classic. Whether in leather, linen, velvet, or some other fabric, chesterfields always look chic and tailored. Although once fairly traditional, these days chesterfields can take on any look. Here are a few of my faves:
Source unknown. Found here.
Source unknown. Found here
Nate Berkus, via House Beautiful
Todd Haley, via Chicago Home & Garden
Tina Chai from Domino, via Scout Holiday
Harriet Maxwell Macdonald, via Elle Decor
Hilary Robertson, via 79 ideas
Andrew Williams from Living Etc, via Jimmie Martin
And here's what I would do:
  1. Colourful art, via Society6 and Etsy.
  2. A beautiful and super soft throw.
  3. A cheerful pillow.
  4. My favourite Anthropologie coasters.
  5. A fun and modern floral fabric for drapes, paired with classic bamboo blinds.
  6. The piece de resisitance - a gorgeous navy velvet chesterfield.
  7. Awesome coffee table book.
  8. Round accent table to use as an off-center coffee table.
  9. Gorgeous credenza turned TV stand.
  10. Blue chevron chairs with the cutest wooden legs.
  11. Antique brass martini table - a classic.
  12. Interesting lamps - one table, one floor.
  13. Navy and white patterned rug that picks up on the coffee table motif.
Anyone else a fan of this classic look?


Tuesday, March 26

Although I may dabble every now and then when the inspiration strikes, I am by no means a fashion blogger. I'll leave that to the girls with serious swag to their styles. Beyond the classics everyone already knows (Blair of Atlantic-Pacific, Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere), here are a few of my faves:

Julie of Sincerely, Jules. This girl is always effortless. I love the way she mixes casual and glam. Plus, her hair? Perfection.
Ashley of Ring My Bell. You may recognize her from Revenge...but she's had a fashion blog for years! She's flawless.
Rachel of Pink Peonies. Rachel is class, through and through. She always looks elegant and perfectly put-together, meanwhile I'm lucky if I remember to brush my hair!
Krystin of Suburban Faux-Pas. I mentioned her last week, but Krystin is a Canadian blogger I first found through Instagram. I absolutely love the way she layers piece upon piece and yet still looks completely tailored and chic.
Kacie of Kacie's Kloset. I only just found Kacie a few days ago but she's adorable! Major props to anyone who can regularly pull off high-waisted jeans.
And lastly, how could I forget another Canadian East Coast blogger - Kate of O My Heart! Looking fashionable in Maritime weather is no simple feat but Kate does it with ease.
(All photos property of their respective blogger.)

Gro Sto Deco

Monday, March 25

The grocery store is an awesome (and affordable) place to pick up cute things you can use to decorate your home. I popped into one of our grocery stores this past weekend to gather some inspiration. (Sorry for the iPhone photos - it was all I had with me!)
From here
Fruit can be so beautiful - pile something interesting (and delicious - we don't want to be wasteful!) into a beautiful bowl on the counter or table.
You could also use many of these as centrepieces for a dinner party or event, just by popping them in a vase!
Artichokes (that are fresher than this sad one) look amazing as a centrepiece!
The grocery store has bottles galore. Buy them in colours you enjoy or shapes you find interesting. Group empty bottles on a window ledge or drop them in different locations around your home (e.g., bedside table, bathroom vanity) and use them as bud vases!
Or you could follow the "kitchen photoshoot styling" classic and arrange 3 Perrier bottles on your kitchen counter. Of course, they don't have to be the classic Perrier. Grocery stores usually have tons of different bottles and labels. Choose whatever you like best. Remember that things usually look best in groupings of 3!
Cans make for great storage. You could go Andy Warhol, and use the classic Campbell's soup can (or just one you think is pretty) as a pencil cup or to corral hair brushes. You could also remove the label and leave the can as is (or do something like this) to use for jewelry storage! How pretty would dangly earrings look hanging around the edge of a tin can?
I LOVE this old-school Heinz can. It's so huge. Once you use the contents (um... fries for EVERYONE!), you could set the empty can next to your stove and use it to store your kitchen utensils! In an all-white kitchen, I think this pop of retro colour could look seriously cool.
What about using glass canisters to store cereal and pasta? Some food is SO pretty - why not display it? (In an air-tight container, of course). Picture this spiral pasta in a tall glass canister. All natural tones and so visually interesting! You could also use mason jars to store bulk food you have in smaller quantities - my boyfriend's mother does this on open shelving in her pantry - it looks amazing! Martha Stewart has some great kraft and chalkboard labels that you could use to label the contents. Another idea would be to use baby food jars to store spices in a drawer - just add a label to the lid (or paint with chalkboard paint!) for easy identification.
For items you leave on the counter often, go for ones that look as good as they taste. Olive oil, in particular, comes in so many gorgeous containers. If you like the look of one brand more than the taste, you could always rinse and refill the pretty bottle with the oil you like the best.
This next idea comes from my friend, Heather - she stores sugar cubes in a beautiful dish next to her coffee maker with a little pair of tongs. Functional AND classy (and a little bit sparkly)
These basmati rice bags are gorgeous and a quick peruse through Pinterest shows the many ways you can repurpose this beauty (e.g., a pillow, a tote bag)
And of course, there's always flowers - most grocery stores have a floral section where you can pick up a small bouquet for less than $10. I rarely like their mixed bouquets, but I think there are few things prettier than an interesting container full of one type of bloom. You could even put them in one of the cans or bottles above!
So what do you think? Did I miss anything? Do you use any grocery store finds to decorate your home?