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Apparently, I only shop at Target

Thursday, October 30

I've been searching for the perfect lamp for our dining room for a few months now. I wanted to move the existing lamp somewhere else in the house (pop back next week to see where!), so I needed something awesome to fit into this almost completed little space. Enter: Target.

All hail the bullseye. My version of the spa.

They've had a smaller version of this lamp for awhile, but I needed something with a little more presence - so when I spotted this larger version the other week, I didn't hesitate.

I did, however, have trouble deciding on a lamp shade and tried pretty much every one they had in stock. With a brief consultation from my bestie, I decided on the grey.

I LOVE how it looks. The shape may be fairly traditional but the clear base is definitely not. It has just the right level of interest for this little corner of the dining room... which appears to be sponsored by Target. Everything but the little bowl (old, from Anthropologie) and the little white & gold dish (made by me) is from Target...even my sunglasses. #Addict.

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