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Thursday, November 6

So, it’s obviously still far from done. (That window situation. Oy.) BUT, definite progress has been made on the bedroom.

First up, a new duvet! I didn’t intend to get a new duvet, but I’ve had my eye on this Ikea one for ages… and I was feeling a bit impulsive when I was there last month… so I finally got it. It may be a bit feminine for the boyfriend but I think he’s accepted that the fate of this room will be more lady-friendly than the rest of the house.

Then, I moved the lamps that used to be upstairs down here. The old lamps were a bit too modern for my personal taste. Everything was a bit too modern, to be honest. I like a nice mix of different eras or it can feel too theme-y or too catalogue-y. I originally bought these lamps for my old bedroom, so I’m pumped at how great they look in this one. The room already feels so much brighter and more layered.

So, not a ton of changes, but still progress... Those sheets are going to go - they're wayyyy too scratchy. And I have a million other plans as well - you can see everything I'm thinking for this room here

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