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A Year in Review

Friday, January 1

2015 was a pretty monumental year over here.

2015 was the year that I worked on some fun design projects with a bunch of new (and old!) clients and finally finished a few projects in our own home.

2015 was the year we rented a villa in Costa Rica with friends, soaking up the sun, learning how to surf, and eating way too many tacos (side note: is that even possible?).

2015 was the year we flew to NYC to celebrate our friends' beautiful wedding and I got to eat my way through the city with my love (and visit my bestie and her beau shortly before they moved across the pond!)

2015 was the year I fell in love with the city of Boston, a place near and dear to my guy's heart (and now mine), during a long weekend escape. 

2015 was the year we said goodbye to my Grumpy. And even in the moments of sorrow, there was something to be grateful for. On what would have been his 101st birthday, my family gathered from across the country to celebrate his life and laugh about his "quirks" in the way that only family can. And to have those people and share that time, I feel so lucky.

2015 was the year we celebrated the simultaneously emotional and hysterical wedding of my soon-to-be sister-in-law (along with several other beautiful weddings!).

2015 was the year that we hit that cottage lifestyle hard, cottaging on the South Shore, the North Shore, and across the shore on Prince Edward Island.

2015 was the year I became the kind of person who camps. And hikes. And ENJOYS it. And if you know me at all, you likely realize just how shocking a development this is.

2015 was the year I sold my first car. My baby. "Hot Bitch", as we lovingly referred to her. And as bittersweet as it was to let her go, it was liberating to more fully embrace our downtown walk-to-work rarely-use-a-car lifestyle.

2015 was the year I celebrated my 31st birthday, which was surprisingly more emotionally difficult than my 30th. I'm officially "in my thirties", which is about 10 years older than I feel in my head. 

2015 was the year I officially registered my design business. Something that has been a dream of mine for a long long time. (And now 2016 will be the year that it officially launches!)

2015 was the year my family expanded in the most beautiful way with the addition of a new soon-to-be brother-in-law and niece.

2015 was the year the love of my life asked me to spend that life with him. And I said yes. HECK yes. All the yes. 

Pretty dang excited to see what's to come in 2016.


  1. What a lovely round up of a meaningful year! I hope that 2016 holds just as many good times.


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