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Little Details

Wednesday, August 10

Another wedding post?! Last one, I promise. 

All photos by Chelle Wootten Photography
Today, I thought I'd share a few other little components we created for our wedding that helped to make everything feel cohesive but really took very little time: our programs, place cards, and table numbers.


As you can probably tell, the process for our programs was very similar to our invitations, which you can check out here. I drew the original on white cardstock with a fine black pen. My bridesmaid, Kel, took care of printing them for me (THANK YOU!!) and then the whole posse of bridesmaids helped me gold leaf them the night before the wedding. Super simple and very quick - especially when done by a group!


I wanted these to feel reminiscent of the envelopes we used for our invitations. I took some black cardstock, used a paper cutter to cut them to size (approximately - I wasn't too specific because they weren't going to be side-by-side so no one would notice if they were slightly different sizes), and then used my favourite inky white pen to hand letter each guest's name the night before the wedding. It was super quick and something I did while my bridesmaids and I all sat around chatting before bed. 


These were inspired by our New Year's Eve table settings and also were reminiscent of our invitation envelopes. I cut thick black cardstock into circles, using a bowl to get them perfectly round. Then, I used a pencil to spell out each table number, and then, white paint and a thin paint brush to trace over the pencil. I did this on both sides, so you could see the table number regardless of where you were standing/sitting. We popped them into super modern gold holders that we rented from Make Merry and that was it! Again, a project that took under an hour from start to finish.

None of these projects were at all complicated, but the goal was to make the whole wedding from invite to last call feel intentional and cohesive.


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