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Snow White

Tuesday, March 25

After several days of hemming and hawing, we finally chose a paint colour for the trim in our house: Benjamin Moore’s Snow White. It’s a crisper and brighter white than Ice Mist (which was the other contender). I think my biggest fear was that the trim would veer too far into cream territory and would end up looking yellow. As such, my goal was to find something crisp, bright, and cool.

This house has tons of moulding, which is both awesome and intimidating, given that our goal is to repaint all of the trim the same colour. We’re breaking it down into smaller chunks and started with the office, which was probably one of the more manageable rooms, given its lack of crown moulding. Here’s what it looks like now: 
It’s minor, for sure. But I definitely think the room feels different, even if you can’t tell exactly what has changed.
I think it’s most noticeable by the window, where the previous trim was a yellowy cream. Here's a little before and after, so you can see the difference. I know the wall looks like it's two totally different colours - but it really does look different depending on the light/time of day!
Honestly, it feels brighter and more polished in here now. I can’t WAIT until the trim in the living and dining areas is painted to match. There’s so much moulding in those spaces, I think it’s going to be crazy dramatic!

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