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Adventures in Framing

Tuesday, April 15

As mentioned here and here, I’ve been working on our dining room gallery wall. In addition to the pieces I’ve already shared, we also have two photographs I picked up from Wall Blank years ago (which used to be awesome but no longer exists in the same capacity), a print from The Black Apple, a small floral print from Ontario-artist, Janet Hill, a bun print from Elizabeth Mayville, and a piece by BC-artist Benjamin Chee Chee that belongs to the boyfriend. 
I’m still working on layout, using the method I shared here, but it will go on the wall in the dining room opposite my painted & stained dresser DIY.
I still need to pick up a frame for our Flight of the Ocean print. I brought a black one home, thinking I wanted to do all black frames. But that print looked TERRIBLE in a black frame... so I decided to do a variety of frames instead. I may spray a few of the existing frames gold to mix things up. We shall see!

I’m hoping to get the whole wall finished this weekend, so check back next week for an update!

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