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Tuesday, April 8

Framed! At laaaast. I bought this adorable print from Kiki and Polly over a year ago and although I had it in my work office for awhile, it’s never been properly framed. I envisioned surrounding it with a huge white matte and a slim black frame – gallery style.
finally got around to having DeSerres cut me a matte this past weekend (they’re lovely, btw – totally recommend) and I couldn’t be happier. I LOVE the impact the large white matte creates. I’m pretty pumped to add this to our soon-to-be dining room gallery wall – check back tomorrow to see what else I’ve got in the works.
P.S. I’d do a Five I Fancy on Kiki and Polly artist, Lisa Golightly, because I love her work so much, but I already featured the shop last year here. Check out her work – it’s gorgeous!

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