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The Shimmer

Saturday, June 7

After much deliberation (like, MONTHS worth), I finally made the decision to rebrand this blog. If you take a peek at the top of your screen, you might notice that we've got a new name! From here on out, the artist formerly known as Glitter Glimmer Sparkle Shimmer will be...
Simple. Straight-forward. Not embarrassing to say out-loud. *Cough Cough*

Honestly, when I first started this blog over 2 years ago - Glitter Glimmer Sparkle Shimmer was the perfect name. It was girly and light-hearted and just plain fun - exactly what I needed at that point in my life. And although, I'd like to think this space is still light-hearted and fun - my style has evolved to be more sophisticated, mature, and even a little masculine (thanks, boyfriend). The Shimmer gives a subtle head nod to its past but with an eye on the future - and where I want this blog to go. 

So, I hope you like it! And I hope you're not too confused! 

Glitter Glimmer Sparkle Shimmer will redirect to The Shimmer for the next while, but if you'd like to change your bookmarks to (note the .ca), I'd be much obliged. 

Merci, mes amies!

Update: A few problems sorting out the redirection but it will happen soon!

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