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That Place Where We Eat

Friday, August 8

We've made some SERIOUS progress on the dining room. 

In addition to hanging the gallery wall and getting new chairs (we got a 4th one! woop woop!), we finally got around to selling the sideboard (whose only purpose was to collect junk) and removing the old chairs.  

Now that the sideboard isn't blocking that wall, I think I'd like to eventually have the gallery wall take over the entire wall - from floor to ceiling.

I also picked up this awesome brassy gold urn from Target on clearance a few months ago for our fiddle leaf fig. That plant is SO dang happy in the front window! Miles and miles from how sad and pathetic it was in the living room.

Check out how the chairs pick up on the dresser I refinished last year. That might be my favourite part.

So what's left to do in here? Paint the remainder of the trim/crown moulding (check out around the window - doesn't it look so crisp and fresh?!). Fix the table and stain it dark. And eventually (like way down the line) replace the bannister with something more our style... and probably the chandelier too. 

But this will do just fine for now.


  1. Beautiful dining room! Do you have a trick for hanging frames?

    1. Thanks Katherine! I have a few tricks! One is to map everything out with graph paper (like here) but if I'm feeling impatient (which, let's face it, is MOST of the time), I tend to wing it. This gallery wall, I hung on a whim (post is here). I started with the largest piece/focal point and then just stepped back after every frame to contemplate where the next should go. I tried to balance size/frame colour/image weight as I went. It's not very scientific but as long as you step back after every frame to reevaluate - it works!

  2. Holy moly goodness gracious batman! It looks amazing. I still want to curl up in those chairs and whisper sweet nothings to them. All the white trim is so so awesome.
    Kel xo


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