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Best in Spring

Tuesday, April 7

The forecast may still be calling for snow (WTF?!) but at least it can feel spring-like in your abode. 

'Sherbert Long Board' by Teil Duncan
Moonlight Jade Platter and Divided Server from Chapters/Indigo
Citron Metallic Striped Pillow from Chapters/Indigo
'Salt the Skies' Serving Board by Millie Fairhall
'Indio' Foil-Pressed Stationery by Amber Barley via Minted
'Hello Friend' Foil-Pressed Stationery by Erin Deegan via Minted
Striped Jewelry Tray from Chapters/Indigo
Fresh Coconut & Vanilla Candle from Chapters/Indigo
Indian Lace Wood Grain Platter by Nicole Porter Design
Violet Antique Anatolia Turkish Kilim Rug from Shoppe by Amber Interiors


  1. Love all your spring finds. Indigo is really killing it these days with their housewares.

    1. Thanks, Jen! They really are. I'm fully obsessed!


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