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Christmas Treats

Monday, December 30

Ever since this happened, we've called pretty much every new purchase or gift a "treat". Today, I thought I'd share a few of my favourite abode-related Christmas treats!
My sister is a fantastic painter and I've had a long-standing request in for her to paint something for me... and this year, I must have been an EXTRA good sister because she painted me this gorgeous (AND sentimental. AND perfectly suited to our living room) piece for Christmas. The dog on the left is our childhood dog, Captain, and I full-on burst into tears when I saw it. One of the best gifts I've ever received. We hung it next to the fireplace in our living room and it's absolutely PERFECT.
This amazing ceramic globe was a gift from the boyfriend. We spotted these beauties by artist Karolina-Anna Hajna at Argyle Fine Art during Nocturne and totally fell in love with them. In the months since, they'd slipped out of my mind so it was a complete shock (accompanied by many squeals) to find it under the tree! You can slip a (faux) candle inside to cast really pretty shadows on the wall.
The people in my life know my taste pretty dang well. I received TWO sets of gorgeous glassware! Bubbly champagne flutes and classic cocktail coupes. They're going to make such an amazing addition to our liquor locker.
And lastly, although it hasn't arrived yet, my parents gave us one of these gorgeous wool throws from MacAusland's that's  going to look SO perfect on the back of the couch.

Although these "treats" are fantastic, at the end of the day, they're just stuff. And although I love to blog about stuff, what I enjoyed most about the holidays was the chance to spend time with the people I love. (And food. LOTS AND LOTS OF FOOD.) I hope you got the chance to do the same!

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