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Living Room Progress

Monday, December 16

In addition to a new couch, we've made a few other updates to our living room since the last time I shared it on the blog! This, of course, is the holiday version of our living room... we had to remove a side table and lamp to fit the tree and I completely forgot to take photos beforehand. So here's our living room as it now stands:
It's warm and cozy. Definitely our favourite place to spend time. In addition to our new couch, we've added a vintage chest that belonged to the boyfriend's grandmother, which serves as our media stand. We have plans to get a slightly larger TV and wall mount it above the chest - sometime in the next month or two. When that happens, I'll take the two speakers (boys and their insistence on sound quality!) off their stands, and I'm hoping the more low-profile look will help them blend in.
We also rehung the curtains (initially shared here) higher and wider, using this modern rod. Hanging the curtains so wide allows us to open the patio doors without pushing the curtains to the centre of the rod (not an attractive look); plus, they allow more light to come into the room. It's not the brightest room naturally, so we didn't want to block any of the light that may decide to join us.
We also added a bit of greenery, like the fiddle leaf fig (in a Target basket) and the pothos, which sits on top of the liquor locker (next photo).
I'm on the hunt for a modern slim floor lamp for this corner by the liquor locker. It needs a light and there's not a ton of pass-through space between the couch and the locker. We considered some sort of sconce, but I think the area might need the weight of a floor lamp and it needs to be streamlined. I'm thinking this one from Structube (which opens in Dartmouth soon!) may fit the bill perfectly. It's attractive, slim, and low cost. We shall see.
In the corner where the tree now lives, we usually have an industrial side table and a modern geometric lamp, both leftover from my previous abodes. We had to move them out to make room for the tree, so I'll share the room again post-holidays. We also moved this art in from the dining room. It's not a forever piece (and ideally, I'd like something portrait-oriented) but I think it gives this corner of the room some nice weight for now.
Other than getting a few more pillows and a new throw for the couch (and possibly painting...), the other main change we have yet to make in this room deals with this bannister. It's a bit too traditional for our tastes and we've been weighing what we should put here instead. I think we're leaning towards a built-in bookcase - maybe something like this, but that may take some time to execute.
And there you have it - our living room! We still have a few projects left to complete, but I'm so happy with how far it's come!

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