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Photographic Evidence

Monday, September 9

Some of you may remember this space, which I shared back in March, and again in April. Since then, we've made a few little updates (and one major update that I'll share as soon as it's complete!), including adding some new art:
A took these photographs with his mirrorless camera during a few excursions this summer and had them printed as 8x10s. To frame each one, we picked up inexpensive classic black frames and arctic white mattes from DeSerres
Each framed photograph cost under $20 when all was said and done - an inexpensive and personal way to add some life to a space. 
We opted for the slim black frame because we wanted your eye to be drawn to the photos, rather than to the frame itself. I prefer a classic white matte in most cases for the simplicity it provides. Eventually, we're going to wrap these frames around this centre post (which is actually a closet) and I think it's going to look amazing and galleryesque.
All of these photos trigger memories of fun summer adventures, which are just the kind of thing you need to be reminded of during the long winter months ;) 
I have a few more updates to this room that I can't wait to share with you in the coming weeks!


  1. That chair looks sooo cozy! We should really get you over to our home sometime to make suggestions :P we bought it just over a year ago, and neither of us are really design inclined haha.

    I hope your weekend was a good one!

    1. That chair was such a sweet find - people fight over who gets to sit in it!

      And absolutely! I love a project ;)

  2. We had actually purchased some prints off of etsy and they just came in yesterday...I was planning on framing them and putting two on a wall in our living room (a bare wall we've been trying to find something to hang on it for over a year), so I was on chapters looking at frames and my bestfriend/maid of honour said "I think you should open your wedding gift before I leave/right now!" and then we opened it and it was a 24x36 canvas Michelle Saintonge print of the Hart and Thistle (our goto spot whenever she's in town). It is PERFECT for that wall. So excited!

    1. Oh wow! That's amazing! You should send me a photo when you have it up :) My curiosity is piqued!


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