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BlogPodium Bound

Friday, September 12

As you read this, I’m on a flight to Toronto, bound for BlogPodium 2014! To say I’m excited would be an understatement. I had such a phenomenal time last year – I can’t wait to see what this year’s conference has in store. Plus, there’s a whole slew of us coming from the East Coast. I was one of the few last year (along with a couple of lovely NFLD ladies ;) so it’s a treat to see the right coast representing!

A few other bloggers have posted about what they’re bringing with them to the conference, and I know as a newbie last year, I found that info super helpful – so I decided to do the same. Here’s what will be in my bag tomorrow:

Phone & Charger: Not only should you bring your phone (obviously…) but USE it. Take photos. Post them to Instagram or Twitter. Hashtag #BlogPodium. Other people at the conference are likely to search those tags and you may meet someone at the next table over because of it! Also, you’re going to be meeting tons of new people all day long. While exchanging business cards is awesome and encouraged – not everyone has a business card and it can be even simpler to just add someone to Twitter or Instagram while they’re right in front of you.

Notebook & Pen: Last year, they provided super adorable notebooks from Minted. Just in case things are different this year, make sure you have something on hand to take notes! You’ll want to remember all of the information bombs dropped throughout the day. Last year, I brought my tiny MacBook Air, thinking I would just take notes on that. I didn’t even pull it out of my bag. Trust me, a notebook & pen is way easier.

Lip Balm & Breath Mints: You’ll be doing a lot of chatting throughout the day and I’m sure you want to make a good impression. And if you need a TicTac, I apparently have 100. Feel free to pop by and ask for one ;)

Business Cards: If you don’t have any, don’t fret. You can still exchange social media handles with the people you meet – it’s encouraged. But if you have business cards, this is the prime time to use them. I had mine printed byMinted this year, but I made my own last year. It’s always fun to see what other people have come up with! The people at BlogPodium are some of the most creative I’ve ever met – their business cards are often a work of art. So take the time to admire when someone hands you one – they likely spent a LOT of time thinking about how it should look! While we’re talking business cards, aim to be organized and bring something to hold your own business cards AND something to stash other people’s business cards in so you can pore over them later. Melissa at The Sweet Escape had some adorable ideas.

Media Kit: If you have one, it definitely doesn’t hurt to bring it with you. There are tons of amazing brands on site – if there’s one you’d like to work with, head over and chat with them about your ideas. You never know what could happen!

And lastly, make sure you bring a large bag to fit everything in! You’re going to be toting this around all day, so make sure you choose a bag that’s comfortable to carry. Make sure it’s roomy enough to store anything you pick up throughout the day but don’t weigh it down in advance. Just bring the necessities above and you’ll be ready for a day of inspiration!


  1. Never thought to bring a media kit with me! Great idea!! I cannot wait to meet you. For real!!!

  2. It was great meeting you last year Vanessa. I will have to get my blog up and running to join the East Coast girls next year! Enjoy.


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