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Kicking Things into Headboard High Gear

Wednesday, October 24

Now that I've chosen my headboard fabric (Stay tuned to find out which one!), it's time to get this project underway. It's the last major project for my bedroom and as usual, I was procrastinating a little bit on getting it started. But that all ends now, thanks to Young House Love & Bower Power's Pinterest Challenge! This is something Sherry and Katie do seasonally to encourage themselves to "stop pinning and start doing." I mentioned it before in this post, and since the Fall Pinterest Challenge kicked off yesterday - I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to kick myself into headboard high gear! So to keep the momentum going, here are a few inspiration photos to give you an idea of what I'm going for.
by Katie Rosenfeld Design
by Ashley Goforth Design
by Kerrisdale Design Inc.
by Lynn Morgan Design
by Emily Henderson. photo by Terilyn Fisher
by Artistic Designs for Living
by Meredith Heron, via Style at Home
by Sage Design
Wish me luck! I'll be back soon with updates!

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