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This, That, & The Other Thing

Friday, October 5

A round-up of things that have captured my attention this week:

In the hilarious vein of last week's #myfriendsaremarried, I introduce you to Suri's Burn Book, which I discovered thanks to my friend H. For all you celebrity gossip junkies (not me, cough cough), "Suri Cruise" provides you with her delightfully snarky (and fabricated) take on other celebrity offspring. First, you'll laugh. Then, you'll feel bad for laughing. Then, you'll probably laugh some more.
From here.
Mindy Kaling's new show. I really can't decide if I like it or not. Some people really don't (and have a point), but I just can't decide. I want to like it so much - I LOVED her book. Have you read it? Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?  It totally made me want to be her friend IRL. (Is IRL really a thing? Are the kids saying it these days? I feel so old.) I'll probably give the show a few more episodes before I decide.
This Walmart rug is totally a look for less. It's not exactly my style, but the interwebs seem to be obsessing over this West Elm rug lately, which retails for over $500 for the same size. When I was strolling through Walmart the other day (for the 2nd time in one day - WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY LIFE?!), I found this remarkably similar rug for under $100. Something to consider if you like that style.
West Elm's Souk Rug. Image via West Elm's website.
Walmart's version, which doesn't seem to be available online. $98.88
Gangnam Style. I. Just. Don't. Get. It. People are going crazy. I can't bring myself to listen to the whole song. Is this yet another sign that I'm old?
I finally watched Bachelorette with Kirsten Dunst, Isla Fisher, Lizzy Caplan, & Rebel Wilson. Funny, kinda cynical and sad. Made me hope my friends don't talk like that behind my back, but overall, pretty entertaining. And Rebel Wilson in a less ridiculous role (not that I don't love her ridiculous roles - I saw Pitch Perfect at an advance screening a few weeks ago - AMAZING).
The Black Widow case here in NS? This elderly woman in Cape Breton was charged with attempted murder of her new husband, and then we find out that she has done this to THREE previous husbands?! Can you say premarital background check? What is going on in Nova Scotia, lately? It's like we're stuck in a really terrible season of Criminal Minds.

Apparently, Aquafina also makes lip balm? Who knew?
Aquafina: the hydration king.
These Chanel boots (via Neat Bit) have been haunting my dreams. And will stay in my dreams, sadly. Anyone know of a good look for less?
Chanel perfection, via Neat Bit.
This delicious meal I made on the weekend - Orzo with carmelized fall vegetables & ginger. I swapped out the mushrooms for honey garlic italian sausage and it was divine. Subtle but delicious. Even better the next day.
Not my photo - from original recipe.
And I leave you with this CRAZY straight-up rainbow over Dartmouth from last week. So gorgeous. Have a great weekend!

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