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Friday, October 12

A short and sweet round-up of what's been on my mind this week:

This little article on FLARE.COM by the adorable Dan Levy, who in addition to his own MTV fame, is also Eugene Levy's son (Something I didn't realize until a couple weeks ago. Ridic.) Well-written and so on point. Live your life, people. Do what you want to do, not what everyone expects you to do. Unless of course, what you want to do is what everyone expects you to do. This is getting confusing.
Image found here.
This new (to me) food blog, how sweet it is. I don't know if I've shared my love of cooking on here but I am forever on the hunt for new and interesting recipes. I'm not much for the 'meat and potatoes' lifestyle, and Jessica has the most delicious and unique-sounding recipes! I've bookmarked a whole bunch for the upcoming few weeks. In particular, I'm excited to try her Pesto Parmesan Scones with soup.
Image from how sweet it is blog.
Taylor Swift's new song. I know. But it's so catchy. There are some songs that I never get sick of (i.e., anything by Mumford & Sons, Florence + the Machine, The Fratellis) and other songs that I love intensely for a very short period of time. I play them over and over and over. And approximately 3 days later, I'm over it altogether. This will be one of those songs. But right now? On repeat.
Bacon Jam. Did I just blow your MIND?! I grabbed lunch with a friend at the Nomad Gourmet food truck on Wednesday and we had pulled pork tacos with BACON JAM! I'm not really a bacon person (don't hate) but I will make an exception for this topping. So. Freaking. Good. You should try it.
Nocturne - an art festival that takes place all over the city tomorrow night (Saturday) from 6pm to midnight. It's my first year experiencing it because I've been away and I'm pumped! So many cool looking exhibitions.
Logo via the Nocturne website
These awesome nautical door knockers on vivid blue doors. So east coast. So fun.
I couldn't find the original source. Found via Pinterest.
See above. Found via Pinterest.
Well that's all I have for this week, friends. Enjoy your weekend! Maybe see you at Nocturne?

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