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Monday, June 24

I spotted these rustic wood side tables at Home Sense last week and was completely enamoured with them. Adding a natural accent piece can really go a long way towards warming up a more modern room.  
$89.99 (I think...)
Top of the table in the previous photo.
Price unknown.
These ones are cute and relatively inexpensive, but you could also make a side table, if you're feeling handy. I found tutorials here and here.

I absolutely love this bedroom - isn't the rustic table so interesting looking?
A tree trunk coffee table makes this elegant and traditional room look much less stuffy (as does the plethora of alcohol, haha).
Pairing the rustic tables with a plush white sofa, leather butterfly chairs, and ornate mirrors creates a cozy and almost-Moroccan look.
In a pristine bathroom, a natural element like this little table really ups the cozy factor.
What do you think? Would you use one of these in your home?

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