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Plain White Tee

Tuesday, June 18

A white t-shirt has got to be one of my favourite looks. It pairs as perfectly with skinny jeans, coloured denim, or a pair of leggings as it does with pencil skirts and dress pants. My go-to work outfit consists of a white t-shirt, skinny jeans, a blazer, and flats. It really is the most versatile wardrobe staple. Throw on a statement necklace (this one is my preference) and a colourful lipstick (my favourites are here) and you're ready for anything!
Sketch by Inslee
I wear my white shirts into the ground. I'm constantly having to replace them. If you know any good secrets for keeping white shirts white - let me know! In honour of the most-worn item in my wardrobe (other than possibly leggings) - here are a few of my favourite white t-shirt looks:
Source 1 - Source 2
Source 1 - Source 2
Source 1 - Source 2
Source 1 - Source 2
Source 1 - Source 2
And a few terribly lit photos of my white t-shirt outfits:
With grey jeans, riding boots, and bright lipstick for a night out 
{AND} with pink floral skinny jeans, a khaki jacket, and converse for a casual Saturday
No full outfit shot of this one, but this was with a pencil skirt and lots of a jewelry for work!

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  1. Such a fan of the white tee!

    Thanks so much for linking up with Style Sessions.

    Lauren xx

  2. You did a good job i realy appreciate your collection for casual clothing sellers.



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