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The Gallery

Monday, July 29

When I first moved into this space, the only furniture configuration that made sense in my bedroom was to place the bed in the middle of the wall, like so:
Unfortunately, that leaves me with about 1.5 feet of pass-through space between the foot of the bed and the wall. (These photos were taken after I painted.)
Not a lot of room for art or frames - they would be knocked down every time I tried to pass by the end of the bed. Initially, before I painted the room, I compensated for the lack of space by hanging a few frames really high:
Although I love the art, the super high placement of the frames always bugged me. Then, I painted the walls light grey...
And all of a sudden, I didn't like the placement of the frames OR the colours of the art in the room. The colours were too warm for my now cool-toned bedroom. After spotting this post, I decided that a little washi tape gallery wall was just what I needed. And this was born:
The benefit using of washi tape is that I can spread the art out over more of the wall - it doesn't all need to be above my head. Because none of the pieces stick out from a wall in a bulky frame, I can easily pass from one side of the room to the other without knocking anything down. Plus, washi tape is fairly gentle - it's much less likely to damage the prints or the wall than other kinds of tape. And, you know - it's pretty.
I'm pretty happy with how this turned out! It gives that side of my bedroom a much needed dose of personality.
LOVE print - MadeByGirl
Hummingbird painting - painted by my sister
Personal photograph
Saltwater print - Inkwell Boutique
Bun print - Elizabeth Mayville
Gingham watercolour - from this book
Family photograph
The Team print - Kiki and Polly
Indigo watercolour - from this book

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  1. I love hope you used the washi tape to hang your art. Great idea... have quite a few walls i need to decorate


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