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What on earth are you wearing?

Thursday, July 25

I spotted this book at Home Sense a few weeks ago for $5.99. Purely out of interest (with no intention of actually buying it), I started to flip through it. And was BLOWN AWAY by the beautiful watercolour illustrations and cheeky definitions. Without knowing exactly what I would do with it, I bought the book and brought it home.
After flipping through it again, it occurred to me that I had basically just bought 142 5x7 watercolours for $5.99. STEAL. I'm planning to carefully pull out a bunch of my favourite illustrations (likely with the help of an exact-o knife) and use them as art for a project I'll be sharing on Monday! These would also make super cute art for a girly closet or dressing room!
Here are just a few of the illustrations:
Aren't they gorgeous?! I think the biggest challenge is going to be narrowing down my selections!
The book is available on Amazon here (but 3x Home Sense's price...which is still crazy cheap for so much art!)

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  1. you have no idea how OBSESSED I am with watercolour these days... it's beyond normal and those images are awesome, nice score. xo


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