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Post-Slopes Pretty

Tuesday, February 25

Although not in keeping with my usual design aesthetic, I had to share a few shots of the ski chalet we stayed at in Maine.
It was the perfect place to cozy up after a day on the slopes.
 Vintage skis
 Prime seats for supper-prep-spectating.
 Prime Olympic-watching position.
 Distressed leather and vintagey rug.
 After much debate, we determined that these antlers are, in fact, faux.
 These chairs were so cool but made everyone feel like dwarves.
Cozy quilts and wooden bed frames. 
 Ski propaganda. 
 The site of many evening activities.
 The most authentic place to sit when removing ski boots.
And lastly, the view from our hot tub. 
It was a rough week ;)


  1. Looks SO nice and cozy! As someone who doesn't ski, I can totally get behind watching Olympics there!

  2. It was SO cozy! It was my first time skiing and when we arrived, my first thought was that if I didn't like it, I would be perfectly happy spending my days by the fire instead ;)

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