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Operation Office: 3/4

Wednesday, February 12

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen some colour deliberations happening on Saturday morning. After driving the boyfriend insane constantly changing my mind from one light grey to a nearly identical light grey to another nearly identical light grey, I finally settled on a colour for the remaining three walls in the office: Ben Moore's 'Sweet Innocence'. Hysterical name, I know.
We got to work on Sunday and two coats later, this is what the office is looking like:
I really like it, although I have to admit that it turned out a little more blue than I anticipated. I normally paint test swatches before choosing a paint colour but I was feeling super impatient on the weekend and just wanted to get started - thus, the blueish tint. Luckily, it only looks blue in certain lights and is clearly grey in others (like below).
Side by side with the chalkboard wall, it looks like this:
I've always been a cool-toned grey-over-beige kinda girl, so I was super excited to see how this room would play out once painted. It still feels nice and bright in this room, which was our most important consideration. As I mentioned here, this is the brightest room in the house and we didn't want to risk painting it too dark.
Here are a few little before-and-afters for you to show just what a different feel this room has now.
Now that the base is in place, we just need to layer in a few key pieces and this room is going to be so transformed!
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