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An Almost Finished Foyer

Monday, March 28

Although we have a few more projects we’d like to complete in here, the foyer has finally reached a stage where we’re no longer embarrassed for people to see it. And that, my friends, is PROGRESS. If you’re new to the foyer saga, you can see the original foyer here, as well as the progress we made along the way (here, here, here, and here). And now, with the installation of our new IKEA MASKROS pendant (which you may have spotted on my Instagram a few weeks ago), the foyer is finally at a place where it can rest until we have time to tackle the remainder.

And what is the rest? Well, I’m dying to install a tin ceiling. And we’re on the hunt for the perfect vintage rug for the floors (the one pictured below is obviously just for winter muck) and a floating shelf for below the mirror. We’d also eventually like to make the trim more substantial (and reflective of the rest of the house) and replace the dated switch plates but again, not an immediate priority.

So, until then, I’ll just leave you with this before and after that makes me practically GLEEFUL:

You've come a long way, baby.

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