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This, That, & The Other Thing

Tuesday, September 25

A bunch of things I've been loving/obsessing over lately:

These Simplified Planners by Emily Ley. Gorgeous. Not cheap. But stunning. And refillable. And customizable. And oh so pretty. Do I really need to provide any further justification?
Available here.

Pretty metal letters from Gauge NYC. Who doesn't love a good monogram?
Available here.

Mumford & Sons' new album, which just came out and has been on repeat since I downloaded it this morning. Very similar to their first, but I loved their first, so no complaints here.

This adorable eensy weensy NYC apartment inhabited by two Canadians, found on Apartment Therapy. I love small spaces as long as I don't have to work from home in one.
House Tour here.

Tribal print, especially on bags. Both found via Pinterest although only one is still available.
Billabong. Available here.
Ralph Lauren. No longer on their website. Found here.

All leopard everything. Shocking, I know. Especially this maxi & these moccasins.
via The Blonde Salad

Available here, in a darker colour.

YouTube makeup tutorials from Lisa Eldridge. So great. Plus, she has a sweet British accent, so that's cool.

Dogs in sweaters and dogs on swings. Enough said.
Found via Pinterest, originally from this blog in a language I can't read.

Songza. My friend Vic got me hooked and I've proceeded to spread the obsession to everyone in range. You're next. Try it. You'll love it.

This almond croissant from Two if by Sea. That beast was the size of my head. And SO GOOD.

This tumblr. It's just... endless entertainment. #myfriendsaremarried
p.s. To my friends who are ACTUALLY married, you're awesome. Don't ever change.

This no-heat hair curling tutorial. I actually learned from a different tutorial but it was really long and annoying and this one is much more palatable. I use a skinny stretchy elastic headband instead of a thick one and it works great. I find best results come when your hair is 75-80% dry and you sleep on it. I also blowdry it quickly and let it cool off before I take it out. I've tried it on my hair when it was longer and again now that it's shoulder-length - I think it works way better on my shoulder-length hair but that might just be personal preference. Also, I've been sans hair-straightener for the past month, so this is seriously the only hair technique I've been able to do.
This is what it looks like on my hair:
Please ignore the completely blank facial expression and photo locale.
***Update: A friend tried this method and her hair got stuck! She had to cut it out. This has never happened to me but if you try it - make sure to take out one section of hair at a time, starting at the front. This is how I make sure my hair doesn't get tangled around the headband.

In conclusion:
 You're welcome.

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