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Breaking the Fast

Thursday, November 21

I'm a breakfast girl. I absolutely cannot understand people who don't eat breakfast. (HOW DO YOU EVEN FUNCTION?!) Yogurt, in particular. I actually can't remember a time when I haven't had yogurt for breakfast. It's been a staple for most of my life. Sometimes solo and sometimes with a little something extra added in, but always yogurt. This is how I've been eating my yogurt recently and I'm obsessed with it. Like, I want to make it for a snack right now as I'm writing about it. So, although it may seem obvious, I thought I'd shared the "recipe" in a post, in case you're looking for something new. 

Also, I wanted to photograph my pretty dishes.

My ingredients:
Greek Yogurt. This is President's Choice 0% with Honey. My friend, Diana, wrote a really great post about how to choose greek yogurt and all of the frauds out there - I highly recommend it. It turns out that the kind I'd been eating for months wasn't really greek yogurt at all - and thus, had none of the benefits! I know that PC brand and Liberte are both authentic, but you may want to check the ingredient list on your fave brand.
Blackberries. Feel free to substitute these for your berry of choice but blackberries are my fave.
All Bran Buds. I personally like the buds more than the little sticks (what are those actually called?) and this adds a really nice crunch.
Mulled Chia Seeds. Good for you. Good source of fibre. Pretty much flavourless.
And brown sugar. Which probably isn't necessary but is oh-so-delicious.

I basically just layer in the chia seeds, bran, berries, and sprinkle on some brown sugar. 
Then mix and enjoy. Really, instructions aren't needed. 
It's easy, filling (thanks to all the fibre), and delicious.

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  1. Yum I love greek yogurt and black berries! I often add "healthy" cereal to mine. I recently bought PC Greek Yogurt and I didnt really like it. There was something gritty about it. I love Liberte though! Is Oikos true Greek? Because I like that one too!


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