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Monday, November 25

This is the first thing you see when you enter our house. A little space to sit and take off your shoes, a spot to hang your keys or bag, storage for hats/mitts/umbrellas, and a place to drop mail.
We love this little area - in addition to being super functional, it's also very sentimental. Both the chair and the needlepoint belonged to the boyfriend's grandmother and the mirror hung over my family's fireplace for years.
I love decorating with pieces that have meaning. If looking at something makes you happy or reminds you of a great memory - DO it. There's always a way to make things work.
Luckily for us, the family heirlooms we wanted to use were gorgeous in their own right, making our job much easier!
It's just a little corner of our home, but a very happy one.
Chair, Needlepoint, Mirror (Vintage) | Rug (Building #19) | Hooks (Homemade, gift) | Dresser (Vintage, refinished here) | Lamp (HomeSense) | Vase (Indigo) | Bowl (Anthropologie) | Mint Julep Cup (London Loft)


  1. Yes! You got the mirror from your parents - score! Love that thing.
    Kel xo


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