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Bauble Bar

Monday, November 4

Jewelry storage has always been a challenge for me. As I explained here, if I can't see what I own at a glance, I don't wear it. So I needed to find a way to store my jewelry that was both functional and visual. In my old bedroom, I used hooks for necklaces and a drawer of pretty dishes for bracelets, earrings, and rings. And although the necklace hooks were fairly functional, the drawer of baubles was not. I wore the same 3 bracelets every day instead of opening the drawer and sorting through the dishes. After a bit of brainstorming, here's the solution I've come up with for storing necklaces and bracelets in our new space:
It was super simple and I love how it came together! We used basic hooks from Target and two Birch branches picked up from the ground outside. 
I'd do a tutorial but I feel like that would be insulting your intelligence. It was that easy.
I initially considered painting the branches but when my sister suggested these pretty birch ones, I decided against it. 
Any other creative jewelry storage solutions out there?

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