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Ketchup & Curse Words

Monday, December 15

You caught a sneak peek of these beauties in last week's dining table post (and on my Insta, if you follow me there) - but here they are in all their beauty:

The inspiration came from Jo of Desire To Inspire, when she shared this peek at her holiday dining table last year. So simple. So elegant. Super festive without being tacky or overdone. I knew it had to happen.

Most of these came from one very lucrative Value Village stop, where I basically loaded the boyfriend's arms up with all the brass in sight. Which cost me a mere $28. Pretty fantastic.

I didn't want to polish them because I find the tarnish pretty charming, but the brilliant mind that priced a few of these decided to write on the actual candlestick with a black marker. Delightful, huh? So after a bit of internet searching, numerous curse words, a rag, a few tablespoons of ketchup (YES, IT'S TRUE), and some serious scrubbing, I finally had beautifully tarnished and black-markerless brass candlesticks.

Ketchup, the most versatile of condiments ;)

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