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Monday, December 29

New Year's Eve Tablescape; Party, NYE

Although we're not hosting a NYE party this year, in true blogger fashion, I couldn't resist putting together a NYE tablescape. I was definitely inspired by a few of the gifts I received this year.

New Year's Eve Tablescape; Party, NYE

Here's a glimpse at how I'd set the scene. Just add a few sequins, a great playlist, a cocktail or two (or three or four), and your guests will be dancing 'till dawn.

New Year's Eve Tablescape; Party; NYE; Champagne; Cava

Other than picking up a roll of chalkboard paper from Target ($2 in the dollar aisle), consumables, and a few noisemakers, everything you see came from my house already.

New Year's Eve Tablescape; Party, NYE

I used the chalkboard paper as a table runner and arranged my brass candlesticks as the focal point. Then - in quite possibly the cheapest floral arrangement ever - I cut a few snippets off the back of the Christmas tree and stuck them in jars.

New Year's Eve Tablescape; Party, NYE, Cheese

I set up a station for cheese (the staple of any great party, right?). You can tell this is a photo shoot and not a real party because that is not NEARLY enough cheese. #amiright?

New Year's Eve Tablescape; Party, NYE, Candles, Cheese, Champagne

And then a bevy of bevies, including varying levels of bubbly. Bonus points for cute straws and champagne flutes.

New Year's Eve Tablescape; Party, NYE, Moscow Mule

We've been obsessed with Moscow Mules these past few months, so obviously I had to set up a make-your-own station. I can't claim full credit for this - the boyfriend actually did this for my birthday in the summer! Here's what you do:
- Fill your glass halfway with ice
- Squeeze half a lime over the ice and drop in the shell
- Add 2 ounces of vodka
- Top up the glass with ginger beer

New Year's Eve Tablescape; Party, NYE

And of course, if you're going to ply your guests with delicious cocktails; it's only courteous to ensure they're properly hydrated to prevent any future ailments. I'm obsessed with this drink dispenser, which was a Christmas gift this year. We were at a wine tasting a few weekends ago and friends filled their drink dispenser with sparkling water so guests could alternate their glasses of wine with glasses of water. Brilliant idea. Who wouldn't want to hydrate from such a pretty vessel? It's perched on a marble and wood cake plate that was also a very generous Christmas gift (and perfectly matches my cheese plate!)

New Year's Eve Tablescape; Party, NYE

And there you have it: a little The Shimmer-themed NYE inspiration! What are your plans for NYE? Party hosting or party attending? Staying on the couch in your PJs watching bad reality television? (Side note: is there such thing as good reality television?) Going to bed at 10pm and missing the whole thing altogether? Whatever you're doing, I hope it's a blast! See you next year!

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