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Brick House.

Monday, May 20

On Friday, good friends of mine closed on an amazing old house in this classic neighbourhood in Halifax called the Hydrostones. The houses are cinder block row houses that have been around for close to 100 years. Oodles of charm and character. We toured through their new abode on Friday night and I was practically salivating at all of the potential. I'm SO excited to see how their house transforms.

And let me tell you, my friends are not procrastinators at all. Bright and early Saturday morning, they were wielding sledgehammers so that they could turn this:
Into this:
Into THIS:
How insane is that??? I want to make out with all that gorgeous exposed brick. This is in their kitchen. (In case the stove didn't clue you in...). Their kitchen plan is awesome. I may have suggested aspects of it, so naturally, I'm pretty invested in the outcome, haha. Stay tuned for more updates.
The house also has a loft area, where they exposed part of this wall:
And revealed this:
Sigh. It's just dreamy.

All photos (except for the befores) by my friend Victoria. Sorry for the late post!  Long weekend living interfered with blogging (in the best way possible).

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