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Three Shades of Grey

Wednesday, May 22

As I mentioned last week, I'm giving my bedroom a little revamp. The first (and most dramatic) step is to paint. Right now, the room is a purpley-grey. Not the worst colour in the world, but not the right backdrop for the calm and relaxing bedroom I've envisioned. I've decided to replace the purpley-grey with a pure grey without any blue or brown undertones. Straight up grey, if you will. The Paula Abdul of greys. Ok, that's basically an oxymoron. But still - grey is the winner. Light grey, to be specific. 

I picked up a ton of paint samples and eventually narrowed them down to 3 final contenders:
- Behr's Dolphin Fin
- Martha Stewart's Driftwood Grey
- CIL's Universal Grey
It's pretty hard to tell what something will look like from a little paint chip; however, so I picked up little testers of each colour ($5 at Home Depot) and painted squares at various points around my room, like so:
Top: Behr     Middle: CIL     Bottom: Martha Stewart

After seeing the colours in natural overcast light and fluorescent light, I've made some early decisions about what I like. I'm still waiting for a sunny day, so I can judge how the greys look in that light. In the meantime, I'm hoping you can help me with my decision! 

Which of these three greys do YOU like the best?

P.S. Insert iPhone photo apology here.


  1. I like the Martha Stewart one. It looks a bit blue/greenish gray in the photos, so if that's right, then that's the one I like most:)


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