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Workspace Priority

Wednesday, October 16

One of our first priorities when I move in is to create a functional office that we can both use. We plan to convert a room that is currently being used for storage. My design direction has changed approximately seven million times over the past few weeks but this is what I'm thinking right now.

We'd like to have a space to be creative and sketch things out - I'm thinking a chalkboard wall. The boyfriend is considering a whiteboard wall. We shall see... I'd also like to DIY a bookcase like this one from Amber to hold all my design tomes and our other assorted paraphernalia. As for a desk, we're planning to use my current desk for the moment, but given that there's a decent chance we'll want to use the space simultaneously, we might have to eventually switch it out for a larger table, like the one pictured. A pair of chairs, a lamp the boyfriend already owns, some quirky accessories (that footed brass piece is a pencil holder!), and graphic yet monochromatic textiles should finish things up! 
Office Plan

What do you think? Is this a space you could get creative in?
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