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Tuesday, February 19

I've been trying to be a responsible adult lately. For me, responsible adult means not buying everything I want when I want it. Instead, I've been keeping a wishlist of sorts. My plan is to not buy anything that hasn't been on the wishlist for at least a month. Hopefully this will help to separate the transient cravings from the more permanent desires. Here are a few things that have made my wishlist so far:
Coveting: 19Feb13

  1. I've yet to buy a pair of Tom's, mostly because I haven't seen any patterns I loved. That may change this spring... I can't decide which design I like best but it looks like the snow leopard print is only available in the US, which may make my decision a little easier.
  2. This mint tassel key chain from Made by Girl has been on my wishlist since the fall. I almost picked it up in early January but something held me back. We shall see if my will power holds strong ;)
  3. According to Erin of Elements of StyleJ.Crew makes the best pencil skirt on the market. I'm a big fan of pencil skirts for work and a gorgeous brightly coloured wool skirt is perfect for spring in Hali.
  4. I'm dying for something tribal print. This Zara scarf would do nicely.
  5. I almost bought a leather jacket from Winner's before Christmas. This Muubaa one by Free People is twice the price but SO pretty!
  6. I have a cheap oversized gold watch but the battery in it just died. Obviously, I could just get a new battery, but... wouldn't this Fossil beauty look so gorgeous with a stack of bracelets?
  7. I've been on the lookout for a rhinestone bib necklace for ages. Unfortunately, the only ones I love are by J.Crew, meaning they're slightly out of my price range. A girl can dream.
  8. Colourful opaque tights, like these ones from Anthropologie are always on my radar. The only problem? Deciding which colour to buy!
What about you? Are any of these on your wishlist? Anything you're coveting but managing to resist?


  1. You should just get them all! Haha (terrible influence)


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