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I like the way you work it

Wednesday, February 20

Workspaces. Although function is pretty essential, workspaces don't have to be strictly utilitarian. As I've mentioned in previous posts (here, here, here, and here), having a beautiful workspace can do wonders for your productivity. When you enjoy being in the space, it's not hard to convince yourself to spend time there.

I've shared my desk space at home in its original incarnation here, but it's now time to switch things up. You see, my poor little MacBook is on its last legs, so I finally sucked it up and ordered an iMac. After waiting (not so) patiently for over a week for my order status to change from pending to shipped (and sending out a prayer to the Apple Store gods), it finally shipped on Thursday night!!! And it arrived on Monday!!! Woohooo!!!!
In light of my new tech baby, my desk area was in need of a revamp. I'll share the After tomorrow, but until then - here are the workspaces that have inspired my little desk makeover:

 This one is so light and bright! Love the lamp sitting on a stack of books.
Photographed by Hannah Blackmore. Found via The Lennoxx
 Stacks of books, a wood desk, and a little mint julep cup make my heart flutter.
By Miles Redd
 Mug full of pens, darker walls, textured lamp. Perfection.
Original source unknown. Found here.
  SO glam! Love the girly vibe.
Original source unknown. Found via Pink Wallpaper
 Spotted pretty geodes like this one at HomeSense last weekend - I may need to pop back & pick one up!
Via The Everygirl
Propped-up prints and a textured lamp.
Via The Everygirl
  Wood desk with pops of green.
By Sara of Bateman Buzz
 Wood, white, and looking out a window. Love.
Via Decor8. By Emma Persson Lagerberg.
  LEOPARD PRINT MOUSEPAD?!?!?! The silver tray is pretty stellar too, although probably not all that functional.
Via thewayweare on Instagram

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