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Unconventional Art

Monday, February 18

Design by Mundania Horvath
Some people find it intimidating to choose art. Whether it's because they mistakenly believe that they don't understand enough about art to make a decision, or they can't afford the art they really want, a lot of people have a lot of blank walls. And blank walls are SO DEPRESSING. Especially when there's no need for it! Art doesn't have to be expensive or a long-term commitment. All it takes is thinking outside the box. In the words of the infamous Andy Warhol, "Art is anything you can get away with."

Here are some ideas:

(1) Frame a piece of gift wrap you love. I picked up this sheet of gift wrap (by Rifle Paper Co.) to wrap a friend's birthday gift and only used half of the sheet. It was so pretty, it was perfect to frame! And the grand total? $3.95. 
(2) Frame a piece of fabric you love. In this case, I used a graphic dishtowel from Crate & Barrel that I picked up for around $10 a few years ago. You could also frame a piece of fabric with meaning, like your grandmother's tea towel or one of your child's first outfits.
(3) Frame a postcard. I used a cute 'hello' postcard from Etsy shop A Hue of Duck Egg Blue that I bought in a set of 5 for $5 a few years ago. You could also display interesting postcards you've picked up on vacation. My postcard was slightly smaller than the matte on my inexpensive Ikea Ribba frame, so I taped the postcard to a piece of gift wrap from #1 and centered it in the frame. Easy and cute!
(4) Frame a note card. Here, I just opened up a blank note card from a set I already owned, taped it to the matte, and DONE! I bought this set of 12 cards for $5 or $6 at HomeSense a few years ago.
(5) Frame a piece of art you made yourself. To be honest, I don't LOVE the way this one turned out - but it gives you the idea. I made a bunch of lip prints on cardstock using one of my favourite lipsticks (MAC's Lady Danger). Then, because I found it was looking a little bare, I used a gold paint pen to fill it in with random little bows. Be creative. Mess around. Have fun. What's the worst that could happen?
Ignore the hair spray - I didn't end up using it.
Art is personal. And it should always be fun. Display what you love. There are no rules.


  1. Fun ideas! Before Eli was born, I framed a bunch of different scrapbook papers to make a little collage in his nursery. I've also seen people frame shopping bags from high-end stores, but I don't buy enough nice things to do that :) We have a framed program from the Lion King on Broadway in our living room.

    1. Oh, I love that! It's always so nice to look at things that have meaning, even if they're not "traditional" art.

  2. Great ideas for DIY art. I like the wrapping paper you chose. :)

    1. Thanks Anu! Rifle Paper Co. makes some beautiful paper!


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