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Friday, February 8

A few glimpses into my life over the last few weeks.
Reading Joy Cho's book and feeling SO inspired.
Picked up a new Stella & Dot necklace at a sample sale!
Found the funniest 30th birthday card at Inkwell... go with this amazing Abe Lincoln print by Mary Kate McDevitt (also from Inkwell).
Sent this awkward photo to my best friend during the NYC YHL book signing when we realized that FaceTime wouldn't work. (More on that soon!)
Spied these pretties in at Chapter's. Want a whole bookshelf full.
Also spied these more graphic but equally awesome books at Chapter's
Had a pretty sweet sushi lunch date with my nephew (his choice!)...
...followed by an afternoon at Discovery Centre. That's a spinning top he constructed out of Legos!
Got a few treats in the mail! I have Candice Kumai's first cook book (Pretty Delicious) and if you can get past the ra-ra-go-girl lingo, the recipes are SO. GOOD.
Picked up this pretty print from Elizabeth Mayville
...which now lives in my office, along with prints from Janet Hill and Inkwell (yet again).
And capped off the week with my first visit to Le French Fix for a little coffee-croissant-macaroon mid-afternoon break.

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