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Checking In

Monday, April 8

Popping in to share a few little updates to the space I posted several weeks ago:
New curtains - these are navy-on-navy striped. The curtain rod needs to be rehung a little higher still, but we wanted to get these up to see how they looked. I think the stripes add a nice dimension to the room without competing with the gorgeous rug. They really pick up on the navy in the rug as well, extending it across the room and up the wall. With the huge brick fire place and the red in the Afghan rug, the existing burgundy curtains made the room way too red - the navy cools it down a little.

We also picked up a neutral mat for the patio doors. The old one was a bit too traditional for the room and competed with the main rug. I was initially looking for sisal or jute, but those proved difficult to find. I think this one is a good replacement, though. This doormat is essential, as these doors are used all the time - but we didn't want it to be a focal point or compete with the rest of the room. Because this one blends in with the floor - it serves its purpose without being obtrusive.

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  1. I think you should leave the curtains hanging on the floor a little, it gives it a nice ambience! great blog btw!


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