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Studio Living

Wednesday, April 17

The challenge of a small space is super fun to me. As long as I don't have to study/work in it, the idea of living in a small space is super appealing. I think it's the cosiness factor. I also like the challenge of making it all work together. Here are a few great studio apartments:

Nichole Loiacono Design

via Lonny
Matthew Knowles, via Lonny
Nikki Rappaport, via The Everygirl

And here's a little studio apartment mood board I put together (Sorry for the detail overload! Fitting an entire apartment on one mood board is a challenge):

Studio Apartment
  1. A muted (but definitely not boring!) floral for drapes, along with my favourite bamboo shades.
  2. A pretty mirror with bone inlay to make the space appear larger. (Mirrors are magic.)
  3. Graphic art (from here, here, and here), including my favourite horse photography. (You may have noticed that I use these constantly - I honestly can't help it. And I don't even like horses.)
  4. A cute little Saarinen-esque table and black bentwood chairs. Both classics. Both can be pulled up to the couch to create a larger dining area. I saw this on a show Samantha Pynn hosted a while back - in a studio apartment, having a pedestal table that can easily be swung in front of the couch makes for awesome multi functionality in a small space!
  5. Classic iron bed.
  6. Little polka-dot vase.
  7. Statement floor lamp from Attica.
  8. Brass skull with serious steeze.
  9. Walnut occasional chair, also from Attica.
  10. Simple sheets for the bed.
  11. Klyne sofa in this awesome grellow (green + yellow) colour.
  12. Gorgeous Mountain pillows from Halifax shop Thief and Bandit.
  13. Black & White striped rug. A classic.
  14. Black & White striped hooks to mount by the front door.
  15. Awesome turtle shell tray. Just because it's cool.
  16. Black metal lamp, also from Attica (shop local, what.)
  17. Cute little stools/side tables (rope & ceramic) to flank the sides of the sofa.
  18. Stunning wood desk, which can also function as a TV stand. 
  19. iMac, of course. The thing I love about this computer is that it's pretty much a TV screen. If you're at all like me, you watch most of your TV on your computer - which means in a tiny apartment, this computer can pull double duty, saving you space.
  20. Super cute gold coasters to add a little more pizzazz. 
  21. A pair of midcentury wooden dressers on either side of the bed - to act as both night stand and clothes storage. 
Thoughts? Would you consider living in a studio apartment?

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